Saltwater Flyfishing Adventure

Remote, Pristine & Untouched. A Flyfishing paradise awaits…..

Stalking the shallow reef flats with a 9wt or locked up on your 16wt in the bluewater? Why not do it all on a Nomad Flyfishing Adventure.

You simply have to watch the Aquasoul Flyfishing Film Trailer filmed at the Claremont Isles and entered in RISE 2015 festival. It should tell you everything you need to know about Nomad Fly Trips in 2 minutes.

Are you ready for the ultimate saltwater flyfishing adventure trip in the remote northeast corner of Australia? If you like flyfishing in salt water, then we have a host of flyfishing options that will leave you not knowing which fly to cast next! And you can do it all in the one trip! We operate Australia’s best 6 day saltwater flyfishing trips, using our 80ft mothership and range of 18-25ft skiffs.

  • Only 8 Anglers per Trip, with 2 fly fishermen per guided boat.
  • Walk a pristine sand or reef flat chasing GTs, golden & bluefin trevally, titan triggerfish as well as the elusive permit, and maybe even a bonefish.
  • Head out to the reef edge and deep dredge for huge spanish mackerel and dogtooth tuna
  • Cruise up a remote saltwater river chasing barramundi, mangrove jacks and threadfin on fly
  • Drift over a shallow reef flat trying to extract red bass, coral trout, trevally, wrasse and over 30 other species
  • Use a teaser popper to allow sight casting to big GTs around the reef edge, but the pressure’s on to make the cast!
  • Bring everything from your 8wt to 16wt, the only problem you’ll have is knowing which one to use next!

We are currently taking bookings for Claremont Isles. Our Saltwater Flyfishing Adventures are scheduled to coincide with the best neap tides to make for better flats fishing, and typically provide 6 full days fishing, combining a mixture of wading the flats, and boat based fishing. Of course, you can choose to just fish the flats all week, but the option is there to do it all. The logistics, boats and general details of our saltwater flyfishing trips are the same as our Lagoon Explorer Trips, but the focus of the trip is obviously saltwater flyfishing, and we’ll only fish 2 fly anglers per boat on these as well. We also encourage only anglers interested in flyfishing to book onto these weeks, and we operate other dates at Claremont Isles for Sportfishing anglers.
During flytfishing trips, there will be a maximum of 2 anglers fishing from each boat, with a few anglers being guided around the flats. Accommodation is either shared or private cabins onboard the mothership. You can book in for a Flyfishing Adventure trip as either an individual angler, or you can organise your own group and charter the whole boat and talk to us about customised pricing options for whole boat bookings.

Claremont Isles Species Guide


This is truly a trip for the angler who wants maximum variety. From the anchorages we visit on this trip you’ll be able to head east and access the outer edge of the Barrier Reef to catch huge GTs, coral trout, dogtooth tuna, spanish mackerel, wahoo, yellowfin tuna and a huge variety of other species. The common reef species that you’re likely to catch include coral trout, red throat emperor, long nose emperor, spangled emperor, red bass, maori wrasse, maori sea perch, bluefin trevally, many varieties of groupers, green jobfish, big eye emperor, and the list goes on and on.

Around the anchorages you’ll find a series of islands, sand flats and reef flats that are unmatched anywhere else in Australia. We’ve caught everything from GTs to cobia to permit, queenfish, golden trevally and every other tropical saltwater species you can think of walking these flats and sight casting. For those that love walking the flats and sightcasting, this is a true paradise!

And if that’s not enough, head west of the anchorage and you’ll hit the coastline with some of the most remote rivers in Australia, just teeming with fish. These rivers cannot be accessed by land, there’s simply no way to drive there, and a mothership with small shallow draft tenders is the only real way to access these rivers. The barramundi and jack fishing is just wonderful in these clear shallow sandy rivers, and the queenfish at the mouths of the rivers are incredible fun!

Want a trip with the lot? This is it.

Depending on which area we choose to fish, there are beautiful protected islands to anchor behind, rivers teeming with barramundi and mangrove jacks, and then of course the spectacular bluewater casting trolling and jigging.

Where do you go for all this?

We recommend that anyone interested in a week of flyfishing should go check out & Claremont Isles. We make this simple recommendation because these areas offer access to reef flats, the outer edge of the reef, as well as rivers and islands, so you get a large variety of areas to fish, which are most suited to flyfishing. For whole boat bookings we can also offer flyfishing trips to Bligh Reef.

In addition, there are a lot of smaller fish to catch, as well as the large pelagics and reef dwellers, that make the whole flyfishing experience a lot more fun. Whatever you like, from walking a shallow flat, to deep dredging for huge pelagics, these locations have it all.

We run a few weeks each year of flyfishing specific trips at  Claremont Isles, catering for guests just interested in flyfishing. These trips fish some of the most remote and pristine areas on the entire Queensland coast, and provide a perfect location for fly anglers to target a huge variety of fish.

Browse up coming Bligh Reef & Claremont Isles Flytfishing trips on the Rates & Dates page. Or alternatively, grab a free DVD and info pack.


Claremont Isles Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer Trips

Boats for flyfishing

We have 2 x 18ft and 2 x 25ft centre consoles that we use for flyfishing. These boats are ideal flyfishing platforms, and ideal for both sightcasting and cruising the flats, or chasing bluewater action. There’s plenty of room on the forward and aft decks for flycasting, and to ensure your fly line won’t get tangled up. During your trip you’ll fish an even amount of time between all of the boats. During your trip you’ll be staying aboard the 80ft mothership Odyssey, with a couple of accommodation options to choose between. To check out the boats please click the icons below.

Getting to Claremont Isles or Bligh Reef & how to make a booking for Flyfishing

It’s very easy! Access is by flights and 4wd connections from Cairns.  Just Contact us to have a chat and ask us about pricing, dates, or anything else and we can help you decide which flyfishing option best suits your needs. We can then send you a DVD and info pack to help you look make a decision on the option that best suits you.

Alternately, just check out the Rates and Dates page and have a look at which dates you would like, and then Contact us for pricing, availability and any other info you need. You can be assured that all of the dates listed for each location are the “right time” to be fishing at that reef. We only visit each reef for a short period each year when the fishing is at it’s peak in that location.

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