Why Choose a Nomad Trip?

Why a Nomad Trip?

More Reef, More Fish, More Fun.

We could carry on about how we have the best guides, the best boats, best locations and pride ourselves on the highest quality customer service. But anyone can simply claim to be the best, so let’s start with some facts to help explain how exactly it is that we provide you with More Reef, More Fish and More Fun.

We start with the world’s best fishing location
The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) & Coral Sea makes up around 54% of the earth’s entire tropical coral reef systems. Given this fact it won’t surprise you that there’s simply more fish living here than anywhere else on earth. The Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea, can be considered as the “Amazon Rainforest” of the world’s oceans. This reef system is without doubt the world’s healthiest and most diverse marine ecosystem. So if you want to be sure of giving yourself the best chance at catching the most fish, and the biggest fish, in the time you have available, you need to be fishing the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea with Nomad Sportfishing. Go anywhere else and you can be sure you’re only getting second best!

Then we take you to the most remote & pristine parts of this location.
Sure, there’s other charter boats that fish the Great Barrier Reef, but our custom built mothership allows us unique access to areas of the reef that others cannot get to. And we are the only ones who fish the entire 1500 miles of the Great Barrier Reef each year, fishing the most remote areas, and only for a few weeks at each part of the reef. This means that you can expect spectacular fishing every trip because you’re likely to be fishing areas that have not been fished for a year or more. Check our Location Guide for more

Then we add in the  Best Guides & Crew, the Best Boats and The Best Tackle.
Once you’re in the most remote parts of the world’s fishiest place, you’ll need the best guides, the best boats and best tackle to handle all the fish that live here. Check Our Crew or Our Boats Pages for more

We know your holiday time is incredibly valuable, so we simply make sure we take you to the world’s proven most pristine and prolific marine ecosystem, make sure you’re fishing the most remote and untouched areas all the time, and have the best guides, best boats and best gear available to do it with.

And if all these facts aren’t enough, here’s a few more reasons that you should be doing a Nomad trip.

  • We love what we do, and our passion for adventure and fishing is infectious.  You’ll be taken fishing by people who are just as excited about your trip as you are!
  • We believe a fishing trip should be about catching lots of what you want to catch and having a great time while you’re at it.
  • We catch a lot of fish, and you can check out the statistics on various pages of the website which prove that a trip with us takes you to the world’s best GT fishing locations, as well as some absolutely amazing sport and gamefishing locations.
  • We are the only charter operation visiting the majority of the places we fish which means minimal pressure on fish stocks
  • Professional guides, skippers and crew who know where and how to find the fish, and know how to look after you
  • Top quality boats and equipment to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. We use the best boats, tackle and equipment to ensure you get the best experience.
  • We ensure the safety of every guest by exceeding the highest safety standards in the industry
  • And we provide you with comfortable accommodation, great food and cold beer!

What our customers say

But anglers who fish with us regularly are much better at explaining why you should choose a Nomad trip:-

Pat Victorino, Hawaii
Congratulations to Damon and his team for 10 years of showing people from all over the world the real meaning of fishing. Both times I joined you will be a special memory and I can’t put into words how much fun I had.”

Max Suthern, Canberra, Australia
“Thanks for the best fishing trips and adventures that I’ve experienced in the past 10 years. Thanks also for turning my little Patrick into a man!”

Kyle Hodge, Sydney, Australia
” I have done 3 Nomad Trips as a guest  onboard your fantastic vessel Odyssey so I do have heaps of very fond memories (along with very sore back & arms!!!!). I have been fortunate to experience THE VERY BEST FISHING, I believe, the world has to offer, particularly for the style of fishing you guys have become experts in!!! I also love letting every fish swim away in good condition but hopefully as tired as I am. There have been sooooo many awesome experiences I have had during your charters from plague proportions of 30kg+ wahoo, to record numbers of Giant Trevally (including my PB of around 40kgs) & not to mention your old foes, the sometimes unstoppable Dogtooth Tuna.

Jonas Holmsgaard, Sweden
“When people hear that I have been to Australia they start talking about Sydney opera house, Ayers Rock, crocodiles, kangaroos or koalas. But I saw none of that. Heck, I hardly even walked on solid ground after flying all around the world.

After four days and three nights of continous travelling – by plane, by car and by mothership – we had reached to the place of our dreams. It turned out to be a steep and hostile rocky island a couple of miles off Island Head Creek.  But still that place exceeded my dreams of your country and it changed my fishing life forever. With me and my friend Olof that windy February morning was capt. Tim Baker and we couldn´t have wished for a better guide to coach us on our first rounds with the GTs we had travelled so far to encounter. That very first morning I did catch my first GT. It was then and there I suddenly forgot all about the tarpon, bonefish and permit I used to chase so passionately and it was then and there I somehow started to add some ridiculusly expensive spinning rods, reels and lures to my collection of fly rods and reels. That morning, and the week that followed, is to blame for countless hours surfing obscure websites – sites both my wife and my employer probably thinks is either porn or poker. Either would probably have been cheaper… It is also the reason for me going to remote atolls in the Indian Ocean and rocky desert shores of the Arabian peninsula. Once bitten by the gt-bug you never know where it will take you. I should have guessed though as I had to fly all around the world to catch the bug with the help of Nomad Sportfishing. In short my trip to Shoalwater Bay back in 2006 was well worth the long journey, we had a fantastic time, met some great people, learnt heaps and laughed even more. And we did catch some good size gts in very demanding terrain.
Thank you Claire, Damon & Co for being so helpful and friendly to a couple of guys from cold Sweden back then. I really hope to make it back some day soon….”