Reef Sportfishing

Want a trip where you can do a bit of GT fishing, some light lurecasting the reef flats, some jigging, troll up some mackerel and drop a few soft plastics? Then some Reef Sportfishing is for you…

By Reef Sportfishing we’re referring to the general sportfishing we do around the various reefs we visit. Some people want to cast for GTs all day, or troll for a giant marlin all week, but if you like the idea of lots of variety of fishing options, and doing a mixture of all types of sportfishing on the one trip, then a reef sportfishing trip is for you. All of the locations we visit offer various forms of reef sportfishing, but some of the typical Reef Sportfishing that we do includes:-

  • Use our light spin rods to cast the spectacular shallow reef flats for trevally, mackerel, coral trout, red bass and many other species
  • Spend the late afternoon trolling for big spanish mackerel around the reef edges and points. Mackerel up to 35kg are common at times
  • Drop some soft plastics to tangle with some big coral trout, sweetlip and emperors
  • Cast to prolific schools of surface feeding tuna and trevally at some locations
  • Troll the outer edge of the reef for wahoo, yellowfin and dogtooth tuna in some locations
  • Drift a few baits back in the shallow reef flats for big trout, red bass and emperor, but get ready to hold on!
  • You can even drop a few baits from the mothership at night and tangle with all kinds of big reef critters

Species available if you want to do some Reef Sportfishing

There is over 50 species that you can target and catch between all of our locations, and most of these can be caught by utilising the fishing styles listed above. Some of the more popular species we catch are giant trevally, spanish mackerel, dogtooth tuna, shark mackerel, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, longtail tuna, coral trout, red bass, red throat emperor, long nose emperor, spangled emperor, black marlin, sailfish, maori wrasse, maori sea perch, bludger trevally, black spotted trevally, gold spotted trevally, mackerel tuna, chinaman fish, giant barracuda, and the list goes on and on.

Which trip do I choose for the best variety of Reef Sportfishing options?

Every reef we visit has some great Reef Sportfishing options, so the easiest way to find the trip that best suits you is to Contact Us and tell us what you are most interested in. We want you to go on the trip that is going to best fit the types of fishing you want to do. So just tell us what species you’re interested in, or what styles of fishing sound appealing, and we’ll tell you the right trip to go on. Just as an example, if you wanted some great GT fishing, mixed with big mackerel, and a bit of fishing the flats for trevally and other reef fish, then we’d suggest either Bugatti, Elusive or the Ribbon Reefs, but if you also wanted to catch wahoo on the troll we’d suggest Bligh, Jewell or Marion. We have a lot of options to choose from, so it’s really important for us that you do the trip that you’ll most enjoy.

How to get more information or make a booking.

It’s very easy! Just Contact us to have a chat and ask us about pricing, dates, or anything else and we can help you decide which location is right for you.We can then send you a DVD and info pack to help you decide which location you’d like to visit.

Alternately, if you know which reef you would like to visit or which fishing style best suits you, just check out the Rates and Dates page and have a look at which dates you would like, and then Contact Us for pricing, availability and any other info you need. We also have a great information pack including brochures and DVD’s that we can mail out to you. You can check out the fishing action at each location, and make a choice on where you want to visit from watching the DVD.

You can be assured that all of the dates listed for each location are the “right time” to be fishing at that reef. We only visit each reef for a short period each year when the fishing is at it’s peak in that location.

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