GT Lurecasting & Popper Fishing

You’ve just found the best GT Casting & Popper fishing in the World.

Big Statement isn’t it. And one we’ve worked hard to own.

You can have good GT fishing in other places for sure, but when you’re onboard with us, in the world’s largest and healthiest tropical coral reef system, you know you’ve given yourself the best possible chance of catching the most and the biggest GTs in the time you have available. If you want to experience the best trips in the world for catching Giant Trevally – GTs – by casting surface lures, as well as a massive diversity of other sportfishing action, then you need to be on a Nomad Sportfishing trip.

  • We fish the most remote areas of the world’s largest, healthiest and most pristine tropical coral reef – The Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea. GTs live amongst coral reef and there is simply more GTs living in the areas we fish than anywhere else in the world.
  • Access to the World’s best GT fishing – 520 GTs released in 5 days or 49 GTs in a day
  • Unofficial world record of 520 GTs released in 5 days in 2010, biggest was 62kg, with 49 GTs released by one boat in one day during this time
  • Unofficial world record of 60 GTs(between 12kg-25kg) released in 6hrs fishing by 3 anglers
  • Several days with 100+ GTs(25-50kg) released between 3 anglers at Ashmore Reef
  • Biggest GT Released in Australia at 1.63m long(to tail fork) estimated at 75kg
  • 55 GTs, all over 25kg, biggest at 44kg, released by one boat in 6hrs fishing
  • Over 50 GTs released in a day by one boat, on 4 seperate occasions
  • We release more GT’s over 40kg than any other charter operation – 47 in 2014
  • Average size of GTs at prime locations is 23-25kg, with 35kg+ GTs seen most days.

So Why is the GT fishing so good here?

We’re fishing the biggest and healthiest coral reef system in the world and coral reefs are where GTs live.

There are just more GTs living here, and more reef fish of all types for that matter.

That also means there’s more little ones to grow into big ones!

There’s a number of factors that go into making our GT fishing trips so succesful. Here are a few of the reasons for the world class GT fishing:-

  • The favourite habitat for GTs is remote coral reefs. We fish the Great Barrier Reef, and Coral Sea, the world’s biggest & healthiest marine ecosystem
  • There’s simply more GTs living here than on any other reef system in the world
  • Our custom built mothership allows us to access the most remote and least fished areas of this reef, meaning lots of big angry GTs await!
  • We move around and cover over 2000 miles of reef in a year, meaning that each pristine area we fish receives minimal pressure
  • We’ve been specifically targetting GTs for 15 years, so we know a thing or two about where to find them
  • We’ve got some of the world’s leading fishing guides to take you to the fish
  • We use top grade boats and fishing equipment to make the most of our chances

Lets just explain what GT fishing is, for those yet to experience the thrill

Imagine yourself with an 8ft spinning rod, heavy duty spin reel loaded with 100lb braided line, and a 130 gram popper on the end of your line. You’re cruising across a beautiful reef flat about 2 metres deep, headed for a “blue hole” in the reef that forms a small enclosed lagoon. The guide points to the spot and tells you to put an 80 metre cast across the clear little lagoon.

Your popper lands, you flip the bail arm over on the reel and start making the popper splash and bubble with short sharp stroked of the rod. All of a sudden, as if materialising from nowhere, a huge black shadow appears behind your popper, it looks angry, you give the popper a little twitch and all of a sudden the fish gets it’s head and shoulders out of the water, with mouth wide open and launches on top of your popper.

In a flurry of white water and chaos your popper disappears down the mouth of a 35kg GT and the battle is on. You’re in 8 metres of water in a small enclosed lagoon with sharp coral all around, and you have to subdue one of the world’s most powerful sportfish before your popper gets added to the reef – good luck!

While not every fish is 35kg, even a 20kg GT will provide you with an epic battle. Gt fishing is all about the incredibly spectacular surface strike followed by an always challenging fight to stop the fish busting you off in the reef below.

GT fishing charter options with Nomad

All of the charters that we operate will provide you with the ability to target GTs on surface lures. Every Location we visit has great GT fishing, but there are some subtle differences between locations.

Some locations have predominantly GTs under 20kg, mixed in with a lot of other species, while other locations have plenty of big GTs, with a few less of the other species. By visiting so many different and untouched locations throughout the year, you can be sure that when you arrive at any of our GT fishing locations, the fish may never have seen a lure before, or they won’t have seen one for at least a year. In most of the locations where we go GT fishing we are the only ones fishing there, such is the remote nature of these reefs.

Our Coral Sea trips all provide access to quality GT fishing.

The locations we recommend for people wanting to specifically target GTs, and do this as the predominant activity on their trip are, in no particular order:-

GTs at Bugatti Reef via

Lagoon Explorer Trip Custom Charter

GTs at Jewell Reef via

Coral Sea Ultimate Adventure

GTs at Elusive Reef via

Lagoon Explorer Trip Custom Charter

GTs at Ribbon & Escape Reefs via

Coral Sea Lagoon Explorer

Of course, the GT fishing is not the only attraction of these destinations. The variety of sportfishing action at these locations is impressive, to say the least. Other species available at various locations on poppers and stickbaits include big dogtooth tuna, red bass, coral trout, green jobfish, purple cod, large groupers, maori wrasse, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish and many more.

How to make a booking for a GT fishing adventure

It’s very easy! Just Contact us to have a chat and ask us about pricing, dates, or anything else and we can help you decide which location is right for you.We can then send you a DVD and info pack to help you decide which location you’d like to visit.

Alternately, if you know which reef you would like to visit, just check out the Rates and Dates page and have a look at which dates you would like, and then Contact Us for pricing, availability and any other info you need. We also have a great information pack including brochures and DVD’s that we can mail out to you. You can check out the fishing action at each location, and make a choice on where you want to visit from watching the DVD.

You can be assured that all of the dates listed for each location are the “right time” to be fishing at that reef. We only visit each reef for a short period each year when the fishing is at it’s peak in that location.

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