We’ve got over 50 different species available, you can catch them all Jigging. Which one do you want to catch next?

  • Deep jigging for dogtooth tuna, wahoo and yellowfin tuna
  • Light jigging the reef edges for a massive varity of species
  • Drop soft plastics in the deep for big coral trout, emperor, grouper and a whole host of other species
  • Our biggest dogtooth on a jig is over 100kg
  • biggest wahoo on a jig is over 45kg
  • Biggest GT on a jig is over 50kg
  • Great jigging options available at nearly all our locations

Jigging charter options with Nomad

Nearly all of the charters that we operate will provide you with the ability to do some type of jigging. Some locations have huge dogtooth tuna, wahoo and yellowfin, while other locations will see you catching plennty of reef fish, trevally and smaller tuna on jigs. Our Lagoon Explorer, Whole Boat /Corporate Packages and Gameboat Day Trips all provide access to a variety of quality jigging options.

Some of our best jigging locations are as follows:

Jigging at Marion Reef

Deep jigging for wahoo, yellowfin, dogtooth and a huge variety of big reef fish. Excellent light jigging & plastic fishing Marion Reef

Jigging at Diamond Islets & Osprey Reefs

The best locations to target big dogtooth tuna on jigs. Also great light & heavy jigging for big reef species and trevallyDiamond Islets



Jigging at Elusive Reef

Excellent light jigging and soft plastic fishing for a large variety of species.Elusive Reef

Jigging at Bugatti Reef

Excellent light jigging and soft plastic fishing for a large variety of speciesBugatti Reef

Jigging at Bligh Reef

Deep jigging for big grouper, wrasse and also chances at dogtooth jigging. Superb light tackle jigging and soft plastic fishing
Bligh Reef

Jigging at Ribbon Reef

Deep jigging for big coral trout, reef fish and occasional dogtooth encounters. Excellent light jigging & soft plastic fishing
Ribbon Reef

How to make a booking for a GT fishing adventure

It’s very easy! Just Contact us to have a chat and ask us about pricing, dates, or anything else and we can help you decide which location is right for you.We can then send you a DVD and info pack to help you decide which location you’d like to visit.

Alternately, if you know which reef you would like to visit, just check out the Rates and Dates page and have a look at which dates you would like, and then Contact Us for pricing, availability and any other info you need. We also have a great information pack including brochures and DVD’s that we can mail out to you. You can check out the fishing action at each location, and make a choice on where you want to visit from watching the DVD.

You can be assured that all of the dates listed for each location are the “right time” to be fishing at that reef. We only visit each reef for a short period each year when the fishing is at it’s peak in that location.

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