Giant Black Marlin Fishing

If you want to catch a big Black Marlin, then this is the place to be

The IGFA’s catch records show that over 70% of the thousand pound plus black marlin caught and weighed in the world come from the stretch of reef between Lizard Island, the Ribbon Reefs and Cairns. This is the area we fish, and have fished now for over 15 years.

A relatively small area, around 150 miles of reef edge, and this is where the big marlin come to spawn between September-December each year. We’ve been fishing for these giant black marlin for many years, and our experience speaks for itself.

  • We have released 12 black marlin over 1000lbs in recent years
  • Biggest black marlin released was estimated at well over 1250lbs
  • We have some of the most experienced skippers and crew you’ll find
  • Because of our mothership and 36ft sportfisher, we can move up and down the reef as we please and follow the marlin
  • Day trips from Port douglas chasing giant black marlin or extended mothership options available

Trip options for Heavy Tackle Marlin fishing

If you want to fish for giant black marlin, then we have 2 great options to choose from:-

Customise your trip to Jewell Reef using our 80ft mothership, 36ft sportfisher, 4 fishing centre consoles + more options!

Perfect for groups who want to do some marlin fishing mixed in with some GT fishing, reef sportfishing and get a bit of variety in their day, and you’ll be fishing a lot more remote areas than we can access on a day trip. The Whole boat & corporate booking format means that you’ll rotate between your choice of fishing vessels offered up within the Nomad Fleet, the ultimate experience for the whole range of fishing options available in the area.

Custom Charter

You can use our 36ft sportfisher to do day trips
out to the reef from
Port Douglas

If you want to just target giant black marlin and do nothing else, then we suggest that you charter our 36ft sportfisher for yourself or your own group, based from Port Douglas. Day trips on this boat provides you access to Linden bank, one of the absolute prime giant black marlin fishing areas, and it also allows you to stay in overnight comfortable on land hotel accommodation, and also choose the number of days fishing that you want.

Gameboat Day Trip

Whatever our preferred fishing style, we have a trip that is guaranteed to impress you.

How to make a booking for a Heavy Tackle Marlin trip

It’s very easy! Just Contact us to have a chat and ask us about pricing, dates, or anything else and we can help you decide which location is right for you.We can then send you a DVD and info pack to help you decide which location you’d like to visit. Our Marlin trips operate betwen September-December each year, and you’ll need to contact us to check availability for our day trips, or check out the Rates & Dates page for dates available.

You can be assured that all of the dates listed for each location are the “right time” to be fishing at that reef.

We can also assist with all pre and post trip accommodation and connecting flight information.

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