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GT Lurecasting & Popper Fishing

You’ve just found the best GT Casting & Popper fishing in the World. Big Statement isn’t it.

And one we’ve worked hard to own……

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Reef Sportfishing

GT fishing, some light lurecasting the reef flats, some jigging, troll up some mackerel and drop a few soft plastics? Then some Reef Sportfishing is for you…..

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Fly Fishing

Stalking the shallow reef flats with a 9wt or locked up on your 16wt in the bluewater? Why not do it all. Are you ready for the ultimate variety of saltwater flyfishing?…..

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Giant Black Marlin Fishing

The IGFA’s catch records show that over 70% of the thousand pound plus black marlin caught and weighed in the world come from the stretch of reef we fish!…..

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We’ve got over 50 different species available, you can catch them all Jigging. Which one do you want to catch?…..

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