Coral Sea Lagoon Explorer

Like the sound of fly in access & 6 nights living in one of the world’s greatest sportfishing & GT fishing locations? Then a Lagoon Explorer trip is for you.

  • Access to the World’s best GT fishing – check out the GT page
  • Cast, Jig or troll for an incredible variety of species
  • 80ft Mothership, 2 x 18ft guided centre consoles and 2 x 25ft guided centre consoles
  • Quick & Easy Access to the fishing areas – no long overnight ocean passages
  • Unique locations that we do not visit on any other trip style
  • 5 or 6 FULL days fishing depending on which trip you choose

We fish a maximum of 12 anglers per trip, with 3 anglers per boat, and either shared or private accommodation onboard the mothership. You will rotate between all of our fishing boats through the trip. You can book in for a lagoon explorer trip as either an individual angler, or you can organise your own group and charter the whole boat and talk to us about customised pricing options for whole boat bookings.

Lagoon Explorer Locations & Species

We visit a variety of reef locations on the Lagoon Explorer trip. We only visit each reef for a short period each year, and this keeps the fishing in a pristine condition at each location. Each reef has it’s own “personality”, so the species you are most interested in, and the time of year that you plan your trip, will best determine which location you should visit.


The charts below show the locations we are visiting in up to and including 2014, and also show a species ranking chart for each location. The brief summary is that Bugatti And Elusive have bigger GTs, and lots of them, with plenty of variety thrown in, while Bligh & Claremont Isles offer a little bit more variety of species and some quite different fishing options & styles. The Elusive/Frederick trips offer the best overall species mix for those looking to simply catch everything. Just check out the chart below to decide what you want to catch, and then visit the Rates & Dates page to see when we have a Lagoon Explorer trip running to this location.

Boats Used on Lagoon Explorer Trips

Lagoon Explorer trips use our 80ft Mothership, two guided 18ft centre consoles and two guided 25ft centre consoles. We cater for a maximum of 12 anglers, with 3 anglers fishing per boat.

Lagoon Explorer Fishing Styles

All Lagoon Explorer trips offer you the following styles of fishing:-

  • GT Lurecasting
  • Light tackle lurecasting the reef flats
  • Light tackle trolling for a range of pelagics & reef species
  • Light tackle jigging & soft plastic fishing
  • General reef fishing

Lagoon Explorer Travel & General information

The Lagoon Explorer trips depart from different locations, depending on your chosen reef. The general schedule for a Lagoon Explorer trip is:-

Arrival day: – Depending on your chosen location you will arrive sometime prior to your first full day of fishing and get prepared for the days ahead. This depends a lot on tides, location and group preferences as to the exact time.

5 or 6 FULL days fishing – (depending which trip option you have chosen) – Stay onboard the mothership and fish from approx 7:30am-4:30pm each day. All meals will be catered by our chef and hostess.

Departure Day: – Depending on tides, location and group, depart early morning& fly to either Cairns or Hamilton Island, depending on your chosen trip location. You may or may not require an overnight stay at Cairns or Hamilton Island on this day.

We are able to assist you throughout the booking process wherever you are coming from in the world. We can advise the easiest and best hotels to stay at, and the best way to organise connecting flights and travel within Australia. Food and accommodation on all trips is of a high quality. We generally have a full cooked breakfast, then either a packed lunch or lunch onboard the mothership, followed by evening nibbles on the top deck, and then a 3 course evening meal prepared by our chef.

Available Dates & How to Make a Booking

It’s Easy! Just Contact Us and tell us what species you are interested in catching, or which trip you like the sound of, and we’ll get back to you with pricing, available dates and all the info you need. Because we have so many trip options available, we like to either talk to you or chat by email before you make a booking so we can be sure that you’re doing the trip that best suits your requirements.

Alternately, you can choose your own trip dates and location from the Rates & Dates page, and then email or fax us a completed Booking Form.

For full information about all aspects of a Lagoon Explorer, or any other trip, please call or email us and we’ll be able to send you a detailed information booklet that covers every question you’ll ever have about any trip, as well as a brochure, and a 2 hour promotional DVD that highlights all of the locations we visit.

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