Tydeman Reefs & PCB

Fish the Outer Barrier Reef and Princess Charlotte Bay in a single trip

  • Shallow reef flats teeming with GTs, coral trout and red Bass
  • Deep channels and strong current reef edges await
  • A Maze of islands and reef flats await in the Flinders Island Group
  • Fish the famous Bathurst Head for big Barra
  • Cast the shallow reef flats with light or heavy spin gear for a great variety of species
  • Cast to prolific schools of longtail tuna and yellowfin feeding on the surface
  • Light & heavy jigging for coral trout, wrasse, emperor and a variety of other species
  • Visited only as part of our Ultimate Adventure trip schedule for 6 day/7 night trips

This area is visited for only 3 trips per year on.  It offers a unique opportunity to fish the outer reef edges and lagoons and also offers a chance to fish the famous Princess Charlotte Bay at times of the year when access by land is impossible. The bays, rivers, islands and headlands, matched with the incredible offshore action on the reef edges make this a trip where variety if the name of the game.

Tydeman & Princess Charlotte Bay Species Guide

Tydeman Reef and Princess Charlotte Bay Offshore reefs, sand cays, inshore islands, headlands and creeks – so much to explore in just a week, and seeing it all in one trip rarely happens due to the diversity of options. There’s the Flinders Island group to explore, and the amazing outer reef sand cays to walk with a light spin rod, endless reef flats to drift and cast, reef passages to troll or jig. In February and March these trips can also include fishing the revered headlands and rivers of Princess Charlotte Bay. You could be catching barra and queenies from the headlands in Bathurst Bay one day, then battling huge dogtooth tuna and GTs on the outer reef the next day, even the same day if you were so inclined. The reefs just to the north west of Tydeman offer spectacular sand flats and a mix of inshore queenfish and mackerel mixed with GTs cruising the flats. It is an area of endless opportunity.

When do we fish Tydeman & Princess Charlotte Bay?

The 3 trips visited throughout the year are run in late summer and late spring. Please check the Rates and Dates page for more information.

Getting to Tydeman & Princess Charlotte Bay

Located on the northern Cape York Peninsula, this area is accessed during our travel trips departing Cooktown and finishing at Portland Roads, and also on a special trip departing and returning to Cooktown. Please download the rates and dates for full trip information. .

Available Dates & How to Make a Booking

It’s Easy! Just Contact Us and tell us what species you are interested in catching, or which trip you like the sound of, and we’ll get back to you with pricing, available dates and all the info you need. Alternately, you can choose your own trip dates and location from the Rates & Dates page, and then email or fax us a completed Booking Form. We would love to discuss your next trip, so please Contact Us and we look forward to making your next fishing adventure a reality.

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