Far Northern Explorer Trips

4 & 5 Night Trips visiting some of the most stunning and remote reefs, lagoons, islands and rivers in Australia.

  • The ultimate variety of fishing options and species in a shorter trip format
  • Incredible GT fishing, dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna & wahoo
  • Cast the shallow reef flats with light or heavy spin gear for a huge variety of species
  • Walk the stunning reef flats of Claremont Isles or Margaret Bay
  • Light & heavy jigging for coral trout, wrasse, emperor and a variety of other species
  • 4 Night(3.5 days) or 5 night(4.5 day) trip options – Transfers ex Cairns

We fish a maximum of 9 anglers per trip, with 3 anglers on each of the 25ft centre consoles, and either shared or private accommodation onboard the mothership. You will rotate between all of our fishing boats through the trip fix with most of our experienced guides. You can book in for a Far Northern explorer trip as either an individual angler, or you can organise your own group and talk to us about customised pricing options for whole boat bookings.

Far Northern Explorer Locations & Species

We visit a number of amazing locations on the Far Northern Explorer. The ability to visit these extremely remote locations on a shorter trip format is one of the key features of these trips. We don’t believe there is another trip available anywhere in the world that offers a short trip format, with only 3.5 or 4.5 days fishing, in such remote and untouched areas. Prior to 2018, all of these locations were only accessible on 6-7 day trips due to the logistics involved in accessing the areas. There is no other region that we visit that offer such a massive range of fishing environments. There is over 5000sq Nautical Miles of reefs, islands, reef flats, bays, lagoons and rivers to explore in this area. You obviously won’t visit anywhere near all of these places on a single trip, but the huge range of options allows us to ensure that each trip fishes the perfect area based on weather, time of year and general fishing conditions. It also means that each area visited on the Far Northern Explorer program receives minimal pressure, and you are always fishing an area that has not seen anglers for some time. This type of rotation is only possible with a mothership style operation, and is just one of many reasons for fishing with Nomad Sportfishing. The Locations that we may choose to visit during a Far Northern Explorer Trip include the following, but please be aware we cannot guarantee visiting any specific area on any trip as the locations are chosen each week by the guides based on weather, previous fishing and time of year. Our objective is to choose the best area to take you on your trip to ensure the best fishing experience for all of the key species we target. Far Norther Explorer trips may visit any of the following locations in 2018:-

  • Bligh Reef
  • Five Reefs & Martha Ridgeway Reefs
  • The Claremont Isles, Morris Island and Outer Barrier Reef
  • Margaret Bay & Shellburne Bay
  • Forbes Islands
  • Olive, Pascoe or Lockhart Rivers

Boats Used on Far Northern Explorer Trips

Far Northern Explorer trips use our 80ft Mothership, 3 x guided 25ft centre consoles and a 19ft flats boat for optional use and also as a backup vessel. We cater for a maximum of 9 anglers, with the option to cater for whole group bookings of 12 anglers. We fish  3 anglers on each of the 25ft centre consoles. You’ll rotate between all the boats during your trip to experience everything that each location has to offer.

Far Northern Explorer Fishing Options

Far Northern Explorer trips offer you the following fishing options throughout the areas visited:-

  • GT Lurecasting
  • Light tackle trolling for a range of pelagics & reef species
  • Bluewater trolling & Jigging for large pelagic or reef species
  • Light tackle trolling for a range of pelagics & reef species
  • Flats fishing for permit, GTs, goldens and blue bastards
  • Remote estuary fishing for barra, fingermark & queenfish
  • light tackle jigging & soft plastic fishing
  • Micro jigging and light tackle lurecasting over the reef flats for a huge range of Species
  • General reef fishing

Far Northern Explorer Travel & General information

Far Northern Explorer trips depart from Portland Roads on Far Northern Cape York. This area is accessed by connecting flight and 4wd transfer from Cairns. Please provide your name and email and we will send you the current Rates & Dates for full information on transfers and other trip specifics.

Available Dates & How to Make a Booking

It’s Easy! Just Contact Us and tell us what species you are interested in catching, or which trip you like the sound of, and we’ll get back to you with pricing, available dates and all the info you need. Alternately, you can choose your own trip dates and location from the Rates & Dates page, and then email or fax us a completed Booking Form. We would love to discuss your next trip, so please Contact Us and we look forward to making your next fishing adventure a reality.

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