Diamond Islets

Looking for huge dogtooth tuna and a great variety of species? Your search ends at a tiny plateau called Diamond Islets.

  • The best location we visit for massive dogtooth tuna
  • Excellent jigging for big coral trout, jobfish, emperor, wrasse & a variety of other species
  • GTs are more prevalent on jigs, but can be caught casting at times
  • Black marlin, sailfish and blue marlin trolling the reef edges
  • Enjoy an BBQ on the beach in the evening, and watch the turtles come up the beach to nest
  • The Diamond Islets can be visited only on an Ultimate Adventure trip

Diamond Islets Report

Check out a recent detailed monthly Diamond Islets report.

We visited the diamond Islets for the first time in December 2007, and it is simply one of the most spectacular reefs that we visit. Since this time it has proven itself as the premier dogtooth tuna fishing location we visit, and easily one of the best in the world. Suffice to say that if dogtooth tuna on jigs, or trolling are on your list of things to catch, then this place is a must visit. The variety of other species, such as big coral trout, black marlin, sailfish and giant trevally makes the Diamond Islets a real must visit destination.

The Diamond Islets lie on a plateau that is around 60nm from east to west and around 30nm from north to south. This reef is one of the largest reefs systems we visit, and also has one of the best anchorages in the Coral Sea. The islands of this system are also some of the highest and most spectacular sand cays we have yet found in the Coral Sea.

The structure of the reef is a large plateau dropping off to 1000m rapidly off the edges of the plateau. There are about 5-6 small reefs located on the plateau, and East Diamond Islet has a spectacular anchorage.

Diamond Islets Species Guide

The bar chart shows how the Diamond Islets compares to our other locations in terms of the main sportfish that we target. Dogtooth tuna are clearly a feature of this location, and they only live in numbers in very remote areas that receive no fishing pressure.

There is also good fishing for BIG GTs around the fringes of the reef lagoons. There are not huge numbers of GT’s, but there are some packs of very big ones patrolling the lagoon edges. Don’t expect to catch heaps of them casting here, but the ones you see will be big. Jigging for big GTs is also very productive here, with some sessions producing back breaking numbers of fish.

There is also very good fishing for big black marlin, blue marlin and sailfish around the steep drop offs of the reef plateau. Due to the pristine nature of the reef lagoons, there is also some amazing fishing action on red bass, coral trout, green jobfish and bluefin trevally inside the lagoon shallows.

When do we fish the Diamond Islets?

The best time for this area is November/December/January, and any trip date you choose in this time will provide excellent fishing opportunities. Please check the Rates and Dates page for more information on Diamond Islets dates, but please be aware that we do not visit this reef every year, and our next trip may be 2013.

Getting to Diamond Islets

Diamond Islets can only be visited by a seaplane flight to the reef as part of our Extended Special Adventure trips or Whole Boat and Corporate Charters.

You will fly to Diamond Islets aboard a seaplane from Hamilton island, and land on the reef to see our 80ft mothership, with the optimum set up being a 36ft sportfisher, 2x 25ft centre consoles and 18ft centre console waiting to take you for an amazing week of fishing.

At the end of the trip, you’ll fly back to Hamilton Island via seaplane. Hamilton island is easily accessed by domestic flights from many Australian cities.

Available Dates & How to Make a Booking

It’s Easy! Just Contact Us and tell us what species you are interested in catching, or which trip you like the sound of, and we’ll get back to you with pricing, available dates and all the info you need. Because we have so many trip options available, we like to either talk to you or chat by email before you make a booking so we can be sure that you’re doing the trip that best matches the species you want to catch and the styles of fishing you want to do.

Alternately, you can choose your own trip dates and location from the Rates & Dates page, and then Contact us to confirm availability and trip details.

For full information about all aspects of  a Diamond Islets trip, or any other trip, please call or email us and we’ll be able to send you a detailed information booklet that covers every question you’ll ever have about any trip, as well as a brochure, and a 2 hour promotional DVD that highlights all of the locations we visit.

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