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November  5th-13th 2018 – Bligh, Pandora & The Far Northern GBR!

The video above from Bligh Reef gives a great idea of just a small snippet of the fishing action you can expect on this trip. There’s so much more on offer, and so much to experience on this unique once a year expedition through some of the most remote reefs and islands in Australia. If you want to experience truly remote reefs and Islands – we’re talking reefs here that probably have not seen a lure – then this is the trip for you. Our annual expeditions through this area and on to Horn Island have produced some incredible fishing on the outer edge of the reef, as well as spectacular inshore action around the islands. This will be an awesome adventure into the wilds of the Northern Great Barrier Reef and Eastern Torres Strait, fishing through the northern end of Bligh Reef, and then onto the Northern Pandora Reefs along the outer edge of the GBR, and then an overnight steam into Horn Island.

You’ll start your trip at Portland Roads on the NE corner of Cape York, and your final anchorage will see you closer to PNG than the Australian mainland. You will fish the most northern, most remote and isolated parts of the Great Barrier Reef, and eastern Cape York, fishing islands, reefs and river systems that redefine the word wild!

We can only do this trip one time per year as we travel to Horn Island, just prior to our Ashmore Reef trips, and it’s going to be something special. The time of year chosen will see hot weather, hot fishing and should typically see light winds – at least if you believe the weather bureau statistics! Nov/Dec is typically the time of very light winds and hot weather in this part of the world, and that usually means red hot fishing!

Travelling from Portland Roads, we can either fish on the outer edge of the reef, or around the islands, headlands and river systems of Shelburne Bay, Margaret Bay or maybe anchor at Forbes Island and fish the Olive and Pascoe Rivers for barra, jacks and fingermark. The first few days will be totally determined by what the group onboard wants to do, but the options are only limited by your imagination. Crazy offshore reef action, or some awesome light tackle action in closer to the coast? Hmmm tough choice!

After the first 3-4 days we will take an overnight trip north of Bligh Reef, through a big green zone, and start fishing the northernmost end of the Pandora Reefs for the 2nd part of the trip.  The species and range of fishing options here is astonishing chasing GTs, coral trout, red bass, maori wrasse, dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish and every other reef species you can imagine. This outer edge of the reef has very narrow channels with strong currents and incredible fishing. As far as we can tell, this far northern outer edge of the GBR rarely gets fished by anyone, and we expect amazing action.

This trip will offer all the species, all the fishing styles, and all the action you can handle. With 7 full days of fishing mayhem. You can literally name a species of northern saltwater fish, and you’re a chance of catching it on this trip. Dogtooth tuna to permit, GTs, barra, golden trevally, blue bastards, bluefin trevally, triggerfish, coral trout, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, spanish mackerel, maori wrasse, longtail tuna, tarpon and literally every other northern saltwater sportfish you can name will be on the angling menu on one day or another.

The Bligh Reef and Claremont Isles Youtube Playlists below will give a reasonable insight into the type of fishing available around the Bligh Reef/Margaret Bay area. As for what to really expect on the far northern GBR for this trip, your imagination is the only limit!


Bligh Reef  Youtube Gallery 

Claremont Isles Youtube Gallery


Types of Fishing you’ll most likely be able to do during the week

  • Everything, or anything you want! – That simple… If it swims in saltwater in northern Australia we can target it on this trip!
  • Fish the outer Great Barrier Reef for GTs, dogtooth tuna, coral trout, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, red bass, wrasse, spanish mackerel, and over 30 other species that inhabit the outer reefs. We’ll drift the reef flats, cast poppers at the edges or troll and jig the channels, and the opportunities for varied species and fishing styles are endless.
  • The inshore reefs and sand flats around the coastal islands provide an incredible variety of options with sight casting the flats for golden trevally, GTs, coral trout, tuna, mackerel and even blue bastards in the shallows. There’s also the huge variety of reef species around these inshore islands, and anything from cobia off the beach through to queenfish and golden trevally in the shallows is a likely target.
  • The coastal rivers in the part of the world are usually very shallow, hard to access, and simply off limits for any kind of land based access. You simply cannot get into these rivers by any form of land access, it’s large boat or flying only! The barra, mangrove jacks, queenfish and small tarpon are usually prolific, and the fingermark are often huge! Being shallow rivers, you won’t see numbers of massive barra, but sight casting them in the snags is something special.

The Torres Strait and Northern GBR Adventure will use our 80ft Mothership, one guided 18ft centre console and two guided 25ft centre consoles. We cater for a maximum of 9 anglers, with all anglers rotating between the boats during the trip.

How This Trip Works


Date Available:
5th to 13th November 2018 – only 9 lucky anglers will get to experience this!


Number of Anglers & Tackle:
9 anglers, with 3 anglers fishing per boat. All trolling, GT casting and 40lb reef spinning outfits are provided. Please bring your own fly gear, if required. ALSO please bring your own barra baitcasting rods/reels, and a selection of barra and estuary fishing soft plastics and lures if you would like to do some inshore fishing on the trip. We also recommend bringing a lighter 20lb spin rod of around 7ft in length to do some casting around the islands and reef flats inshore if we end up in this location.


80ft mothership, 2 x 25ft centre consoles and 1 x 18ft centre console.


This trip will be $8950pp plus flights and transfers. Just email us for details on transfer costs and we can arrange all transfers once your booking is confirmed. Please contact us and we’ll send our info pack, promotional DVD & full price list
Access & Itinerary:
You’ll start this trip on the 5th November departing Cairns on a flight to Lockhart River/ Portland Roads and will start fishing your way north. From here, we have the next 7 days to fish our way along nearly 150 nautical miles of some of the most remote coastline, rivers, islands and reef systems in Australia. We’ll do one overnight steam along the way to make sure we fish the absolute best areas and target the species that everyone most wants to catch. Check the images above to see a full map view of where we’ll be fishing along the way. We will arrive at Horn Island on the morning of the 13th November, and you will then catch a flight back to Cairns from here.

To book, or for more info, call us on 1800 021 014 in Australia or go to our Contact Page

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