Nomad Sportfishing Short Notice Charter Deals

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Why are we making this special offer?

It often happens that someone who has booked a trip and paid their non refundable 50% deposit is unable to join a trip for family, personal or business reasons, often this happens at the last minute. This leaves us with a deposit for a spot that is very difficult to fill at short notice, however we still have to run that trip and cover all our costs without the revenue we budgeted for. Not an ideal scenario usually, but it does create an opportunity for people with a flexible schedule.

Therefore, if you are in the fortunate position where you might occasionally be able to join a trip at 2-4 weeks notice, then we’d like to add you to our last minute vacancy mailing list. We understand that most people cannot just drop everything and book a trip at 2-4 weeks notice, but if you are lucky enough to be able to do this, we want to hear from you and let you know about the great deals we can do on trips when the opportunity arises. We can occasionally offer up to 50% off a charter vacancy if someone else has paid their 50% deposit but is unable to join the trip, therefore forfeiting their deposit.

Please be aware that this page and access to the short notice deals is only visible and available to those already on the Nomad Sportfishing mailing list. Priority for last minute vacancies will always be given to guests who have been on trips with us in the past.


Thanks from the Nomad Sportfishing Team.