News & Blogs - Hard popping for GT bangers…Elusive Reef

July Elusive Reef trip.

On the very last day fishing with guide guru “Clint”, my arms felt like lead from days & days of hard popping for GT bangers….

The sensational moment came to life when casting long as if the popper was travelling back towards Melbourne just to reach the bommie, the popper jet landed. A couple of  pops, then absolute pandemonium as 2 GT’s not 1 were railroading my popper. Guru Clint’s voice in the background saw what was unfolding screamed Pop, keep popping Pete….yahoo…yeah (me still popping) …ooorrrrr…. Yes….. Oh !!!… come on…  keep popping….  oooorrrrr…. Yes……. FISH ON !!

The adrenalin rush now in full momentum I fought the fish hard yet slow to stay connected and pushing the gear to its limit. The 1st hit was explosive and the second run was a ‘tug of war’. When the fish was finally landed, high fives all round for my PB GT for the entire trip. What a way to leave an imprint that one day I must return and do this all again.

To Clint, Nick, Alex, John and crew many thanks for making a lifetime GT experience a memorable one. Until next time we go GT banging ! Elusive Reef

Peter De Matteis




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