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New Zealand Kingfish Trip Report July 2011

By Ben Pokaia, Nomad Sportfishing: NZ Kingfish page»



Tauranga, NZ

Jul 2011



3 days

New Zealand Kingfish Trips

Heading out to the local kingfish haunts the ocean was alive with fish, with massive workups of Kahawai (salmon) everywhere, with the guy’s not interested in the light tackle manner that was on offer it was kingfish on the target list!

Pulling up to the first reef and the sounder lit up with a massive school of kings and only holding 15m from the surface, the call went out cast, cast out the back cast. As soon as the lure hit the water two big green backs made a B line for the lure, bang we were bending ending in a nice 20kg fish being landed. We had found a super-hot bite and this action lasted for about two hours with the biggest fish being 25 to 27kg.

After things died down we went off to find some light tackle fishing on all the Kahawai, the guys where fizzing with the fishing we had just had so the call was made to have some lunch and recharge the arms and bodies.

After lunch it was back into the Kingfish, the guys where hooking up left right and centre absolute madness, Andre hooked a monster which was unstoppable, I chased this fish hard as Andre was pinned to the bow rail and line was coming off at a high rate of knots, it ended in tears with the hook being straitened and pulling out, this was a horse of a fish, we both had hands on head saying that was a monster. We ended up calling it a day around 4pm with the guys having some of the most exciting top water action I have seen.

Ben Pokaia
Nomad Sportfishing

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