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I am struggling to find a single memory that I would call my favorite from my time spent fishing with Nomad, late 2010 in the Diamond Islets and Bugatti Reef. From start to finish my experience was everything I had imagined it would be and then some. Waking up to the knowledge of another full day fishing the amazing reef systems that had seen me getting stretched by monster doggies and GT’s the previous day was unreal.

I would have to say that my favorite moment was my 40 kg GT that I caught whilst popping the shallows on board the game boat Saltaire skippered by Damien. We were trolling the outer edges of the reefs with only a few mackerel to show for our troubles. We could clearly see that the bait fish had been pushed up onto the top of the reef and were being mauled by some unseen monsters with huge swirls and angry boofs telling us something was feeding on them.

Damien decided it was time to grab the popping gear and head inside however the depth finder didn’t really agree with him. Slowly and painfully maneuvering Saltaire through the reef system the feeding fish and shimmering bait fish seemed to be just outside our reach. Holding the poppers in until the perfect moment three poppers were sent flying into the mayhem of feeding fish. An eruption of GT’s on poppers was what followed and some how I ended up being the only one still connected. The way Damien was then able to move the 36ft game boat around in such shallow water and still allow me the best opportunity to land my fish was amazing plus the freight train of a GT pulled like something possessed.

It all ended well as Damien led us to the safety of deeper water and then I could back off slightly and fight the fish on my terms. Not long after hitting the deeper water 40+kg of Bugatti Reef GT was boat side. With a last struggle the fish was brought in for a couple of quick pics before being released to fight another day.

There are so many amazing memories and moments that I could write about but this one stuck with me as the guys worked hard not only to get us to a position to have a go at these fish but also to get the fish on board once it was hooked.

An amazing experience from the float plane in to the float plane out.

I am planning and saving for my next opportunity to get out with the Nomad team as everything I have done since my charter, fishing wise, just hasn’t been able to match up.

Thanks again,

Lucas Nixon.

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