News & Blogs - Jewell Reef Flyfishing Report, 27 Feb 2015

The below report is from Capt. Gavin Platz from our exploratory trip to Jewell Reef and the Howick Islands in late February 2015:

23/2 – 27/2 Jewell/Howick Islands Flyfishing

Hi Damon & Nick,

So we explored Jewell Reef and I think this reef is definitely a great fly area. The exploration of this area was done by only Mark Lollback & me.

The results Mark achieved were quiet amazing.

In 3 & 1/2 days, & less than 60ltrs of fuel.

Mark scored in his words the best 3 days of fly in his life. He said this to other clients every day. Actually in number of fish he probably scored more than all put together.

His list of trophy fish included – GT about 12kgs, big Bluefin Trivially (heaps) numerous large long nose Emperor, green Jobfish, other things as well. Just a little tired to remember all.

Mark said he had caught many trophy and was more than happy. He also hooked a 20kg Yellowfin which was sharked.

The big news was the Humpheaded Parrot he caught today. In .8 mtr of water. It came from a school of about 30 fish and there were 2 groups tailing and finning. To say I was Stoked is an understatement. Mark had no idea what he had just done, till I tongue kissed him, only joking.

All the above were caught in less than 1mtr of water. Some in no more than .5mtrs.

I believe Jewll Reef is the correct shape on the s/e corner from the Boulder to the first cut for the correct direction of visibility, it’s also Flat & therefore if a trophy is hooked the angler has a very good chance of landing his fish. There are also areas where if its clouded in the colour of the bottom is such that you can still have a fair degree of visibility.

Cheers, great trip



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