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Introducing the Cush-it


If you fish, then you should watch this video!



Whether on charter with Nomad, or your local fishing spot, this video will show you why the Cush-it is a must have.

Watch as Damon takes us through a few top tips with the Cush-it.

  • What is the Cush-it?
  • Why should I use the Cush-it?
  • How to use the Cush-it?
  • Will they fit all rods, what sizes are there?
  • What types of fishing can I do with the Cush-it?
  • Will the Cush-it float my rod if it’s dropped?
  • Why does Nomad use the Cush-it on the Barrier Reef?

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  1. Kim says:

    Is there anywhere in NSW (port stephens or Newcastle) that we can buy these?

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