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Watch this video on how to tie a FG Knot

You asked for it so here it is, the best knot that works for us.

Light tackle It is a fantastic knot to use with 20-50lb braid and 40-80lb leader for barra fishing and lighter casting.

For heavier tackle this is a versatile knot for tying heavy braid onto single strand mono leader and is great for 130lb up to 250lb line with a 100lb to 130lb braid. This knot is perfect for running over the guides without catching when casting on heavy lures, and of course the number one priority, unlike some anglers, it can handle the stress of GT fishing.

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  1. chatur bate says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Everytime i tie this knot and pull it tight, the half hitch section slides qnd separates from the plaited section. Creating an open kind of section in the knot. This doesnt seem right. The knot looks great and everyrhing is done tight until i apply pressure at the end…

  3. rolf says:

    how long do you make the mono leader for popping

  4. Ed Gimenez says:

    saw the guys tying these all day, will ad this one to my list as it worked so well in the feild
    thaks again for the great trip

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