Fishing Reports - Bugatti Reef 23rd July

Monday 23rd July


We started in the blue holes today and it was extremely quiet, but looked spectacular. We worked hard all morning and found 2 GTs on an outside edge. Lunch was taken in the shallows, and then we got serious!! A blue hole straight after lunch saw Arnie getting demolished by a monster of 40kg, very sad, but spectacular!! From there we hit an outside edge and all hell broke loose, we landed 15 GTs in 90 minutes, and it was absolutely hectic action. There were large waves on the outside edge, and the spectacular takes and aerial action was something to behold. We ended the day very happy, and with some amazing stories, and a few spectacular sights locked away in the memory banks.



An awesome day to say the least, we went and fished a place known as the sand highway, an incredible piece of sandy flat that runs in a dead straight line for about 5 miles… we had the boat parked in 0.7m of water casting onto nothing but sand only to see these angry black shapes materialise out of nowhere and demolish the lures, to try and describe catching these fish in such shallow water is something else, they seem to think they are wahoo or something of the sorts as they tear away with line after you hook them. After the change of tide we fished a really rough piece of water out in the open where we knocked up the tally to 14 for the day which was a cracker effort considering the conditions we have had.

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