Fishing Reports - Guides Report 22nd of April

Peter boats 22 GTs for the day!


Another glorious estafan day today. GTs were the only thing
on the menu plus small curry puffs. It was on for the young and restless.
Seeing, hooking and raising fish everywhere. We fished the remainder of
the run in tide on the outside of the reef in the search for a monster truck.
We saw heaps with our eyes and managed to catch a few with a nice fish going
around the 24kg mark. Once the tide had turned and began to run out the other
way we hit some shoals up and they produced large numbers of fish which was
pretty entertaining whichever way you look at it. During lunch I couldn’t help
myself but to have a cast at a spot we peppered steak for
a while that looked unbelievable. But we couldn’t get a bite so I bit my
sandwich. I had a follow and had fish and mermaids WHAT THE swimming under the
boat. What was intended to be a quite romantic lunch turned into absolute
mayhem with myself and Damon having a double hook up and while we were
releasing our fish mark decided to get into a fish as well. We ended up with 22
fish for the day, unbelievable!!!!


Another spectacular day out on the ocean we started off with
a change of scenery and opted for a soft plastic session straight off the bat,
things seemed a little slow so I ventured off to a new area and still had
little luck. The mention of GTs at this stage was like a swear word as the guys
were still feeling the effects from the previous day’s
molest, so we changed tactics and went for a flats session and funnily enough
after a few red throats we were hooked into a solid GT on the light gear in a metre of water. We continued fishing the flats with
Sebile Stick Shads and were having a great time, getting a bite on nearly every
cast! Some quality red throats and a solid yellow lipped emperor followed, before
we decided to put the strong run out tide to good use. The guys were warmed up
and the sight of shimmering fusiliers on a glassed out pressure edge turned on
the switch like a set of flood lights, with the guys instantly blood thirsty
for battle. Out went the poppers and bending went the rods!  The game was
on! We found a few solid fish before pulling up for a swim and some lunch in
the lagoon. The tanks were refuelled and the whistle had been blown for the
second half. The first spot we stopped at went off and the guys were catching
fish on every shoal of fusiliers. We found some fusies packed tight up against
an edge in the shallows which I explained to the guys was an unusual sight and
this would be where the bigger fish hide. Sure enough double hook up with fish
around 30 and 38kg as luck would have it both hooks pulled until the next point
where we boated a 28kg and 35kg on a double hook up. Another sensational day on
the water and believe it or not there is another 2 days of this to go, I would
love to say I feel sorry for you guys at home but you should be out here, ITS


It was round three in glamour conditions again ‘like
butter’. First up was shallow water action and there were
some huge red throats that wanted to play a game of ping pong. We spent
two hours on the flats with some awesome fun had by all. After lunch we took on
some GTs, the boys have been pretty hurt from the previous days but there is no
rest for the wicked, and I made sure they hurt again today properly. Once
again the action was fast and furious with bait and GTs everywhere and plenty
of double hook ups. Another great day on the water!


I had big Scotty Hillier and co on my boat today and it
turned out to be a day full of laughs and good fun. We wanted to nail some
reefies on plastics in the morning so that’s what we did. Lippers, Trout,
‘spawn of satan’ Cod and many other bust offs and ooglies followed which
pleased the boys. We then had a long run to the next anchorage and nailed a few
GTs once we arrived, one of which was over the 30kg mark! The rest of the
afternoon was spent fishing plastics with good success. I then lost my mind and
decided to give Scotty and crew a bit of a show. I put my tricksy hobbit hat on
and did some trick casting. The double 360, laidback style, rod between teeth
and many more all saw the light of day. The rod in teeth cast I actually caught
a fish on which was rather entertaining. Anyway, let’s see what tomorrow

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