Fishing Reports - Guides Report 21st of May

Mackeral mayhem!


What a day finally the weather played its part and the fish
came out to play…. We started off with a request to catch a mackerel and that
was answered with a double hook up Spaniards on the troll after trolling only
50m, when the day starts like that it can only mean one thing! We caught 6 Spaniards
in less than half an hour they were going off! We decided to get into the heavy
gear after the warm up and we got straight into the GTs! It took us all of 5
casts to get the first one to the boat followed by another cracker fish we took
out of a blue hole. We then ventured a little further north and into a shallow
lagoon where I persisted for a lengthily period of time casting at every good
looking point and bommie in search of the beast! The first fish to come up
would have been over 30kg and we had a cracker session to follow which included
2 double hook ups in a row, the fish today were definitely eating properly and
half the time the lures were right down their gobs. After putting 15 in the
boat the guys were a little bruised and we ended the afternoon with a relaxing
troll for Mackerel and boated a further 6 Spaniards totalling 12 for the day we
got hooked into 2 screamers that nearly emptied the 5000 stella a couple of
times but unfortunately the hooks pulled out! A cracker day was had by all and
let’s hope the weather plays the game like today and we are in for some
interesting action!!!!!


Fantastic day out on the water today. The conditions finally
became good for us and so did the GTs. We saw a lot of fish today which was an
improvement for the week. We managed to boat 4 one that went 26kgs which is a
good fish. I had a couple of GT virgins on the boat with me today and it was
good to finally pop their cherry. The guys had plenty of opportunities today
but unfortunately the hook up ratio was not on our side. We finished the day
with a troll and picked up a few nice Spannish and some Sharkey Mackerel. On
the way home the Tuna were also playing the game which turned out to be an
added bonus for us. Cracker day can’t wait to fish the new ground tomorrow!!


It was great to wake up with little to no wind. We hit the
flats first up and once again they were great plenty of Trout, Spangos, Red
Throat and big Chinaman. Then we looked for GTs and there were plenty more
today that wanted to play. We got one nice one out of a blue hole that put
up a great fight, with the rest coming of ledges. As the tide started to slow
we went and fish some channels and got some Tuna .We also got Spannish one that
went 30kg! Mark was so stoked he had caught plenty of big fish in his life time
and he had waited for this fish for 20 years. I was glad I could help him out!



What a difference a day can make! The weather today was
nothing short of brilliant. The guys could feel it also as there was a very positive
vibe in the boat with the 3 anglers wanting nothing but GTs today. Things
started off nicely with a nice fish coming onboard early we must have seen and
had bites from a dozen or more fish in the next hour before landing our next
fish. The GTs came along at a fairly steady pace for the day with plenty of
hook-ups that failed to convert. We even had a huge fish come up and look at a
stickbait in a little bay that had everyone on the boat buzzing but no cigar.
The day was finished off with a really healthy 30kg specimen coming aboard for
a quick happy snap, what a way to end a great day!

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