Fishing Reports - Bugatti Reef 21st of June

Pete has a blinder!


We set out today with the last 3 hours of the run in tide on
the hunt for a GT. We saw and hooked a lot of fish and managed to boat 4 nice
size GTs all between 24-30kgs plus lost a few crackers. We then ventured into
some blue holes and managed to pick up a nice 27kg fish and lost 1 of 32kgs
that ate the lure right next to the boat. It was then all about flats fishing
as the run out tide began to pump. We lost some monster fish including 6 GTs.
We caught 3 nice sized Chinaman and cleaned up on massive Long Nose Emperor and
Red Throat. The usual other fish you would expect to find on the flats were
caught in numbers as well from Gold Spot, Bludgers, Trout, and even a few Golden
Trevally. With the day closing in we popped the last half hour of the day and
went tight on 3 good fish but unfortunately lost 1 to reef and pulled the hooks
on the other 2. An awesome days fishing!


It was another fine day on the water and it started off well
as the first cast of the morning got a Gt. Throughout the day we saw a heap
more and managed to pick up four more fish and hooked one that managed to straighten
a 9/0 jobu! Would have liked to see the kind of fish that could do that. The
flats where nothing but sensational again and the Spango highway produced once again
landing about 20 clunkers. I actually had a cast on the flats and got monstered
by a huge GT which I had no chance of stopping. Another great day on the water.


Casting poppers to ledges today was a productive way to
chase GTs and Dogtooth Tuna, with a school of doggies around the 5 to 10kg
range charging down anything that was thrown their way. Unfortunately we only
had bites from these critters without a hook up, next plan was to troll the
ledge knowing they where there and caught 2 doggies around 5kg after sighting
one that followed a hooked one to the boat, next plan was to chase some GTs
again after the hype of the doggies but they were not keen to play the game. We
did have one around the 40kg charge down a skipjack only to miss the hooks
right next to the boat, tough day to hook fish today but there are definitely
some good fish around.

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  1. Neville from NZ says:

    Hey Guys,
    I’m green with envy, which reef are you on at the moment?

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