Fishing Reports - Guides Report 21st of April

Glanny almost lost for words…Almost!


Well where to start? Awesome, amazing, incredible,
fantastic, ridiculous are just a few of the words off the top of my head that I
would try to use to explain the extremities of our day! I’ll begin with the
fact that we woke up to a glass out of an ocean, followed by a good breakfast
and the excitement of the day to follow. Wow I’m actually lost for words here,
for people that know me, that doesn’t happen often. Today would have been up
there with one of the best fishing experiences I’ve had. We started off fishing
an area which had plenty bommies and every single bommie we stopped at had a
halo of Fusiliers around the edge. Beneath them were the black demons to
follow, bommie after bommie and pack of GTs after pack we charged through the
day, literally every cast between the bait resulted in these black backs
appearing from the depth to obliterate the lures. The GTs were eating the
poppers today with such anger it was unbelievable to watch. We had 2 fish today
eat the poppers off the tip of the rod, and if you don’t understand what I mean
by off the tip of the rod, like 50cm from the side of the boat! Oh, and did I
mention the amount of Mackerel, Tuna and Goldspots we caught in the mix? My
guys were totally trashed by 3pm that they refused to cast heavy gear! So we
downgraded to the light gear to catch GTs….who does that! Needless to say
that in the hour that followed we lost 4 lures and boated a further 5 GTs on
40lb tackle. I took the hooks off a lure and was teasing them up to the boat
just for a laugh trying to see how mad I could make these creatures. Let me
just explain something, when they don’t get what they want they are not happy!
I had a cast where I had a GT eat my lure at least 6 times and it practically
hit the side of the boat trying to eat this piece of timber. Travelling home on
a mirror calm ocean and driving over shoals of frothing tuna and past reef
edges that are exploding with terrified fusiliers is just something you can’t
put in words as a fishing guide. I wish I could try and put an image in your
mind of just how unreal today was and to finish off with a cold beer and the
stories from the boys on the top deck as the sun settled over an orange ocean
was a sight to remember, I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!!


What another amazing day out on the water. The conditions
were fantastic and so was the fishing. The film crew from creek to coast came
out with me today and the target for the morning was a Spanish on the troll. We
managed to pick up 4 nice size Shark Mackerel and 2 Spanish, one that went
13kgs. With the turn of the tide GTs were on the menu. The guys were keen to
get some awesome takes from the poppers and my god awesome takes they got. We
managed to boat 7 nice size GTs in the space of half an hour one of which went
27kgs. It was then all about the takes so we took the hooks off and played around with a skip jack. We had too
many awesome takes and managed to tease a few fish right to the boat which was
pretty cool to see. We then went to the light gear for the remainder of the afternoon
and caught some Gold Spot Trevally, Sharkies, Cod, Tuna, Rainbow Runners and
GTs on the jigs. All in all a fantastic day on the water!!!


Yet again another ridiculous day on the water. It is hard to
remember all the crazy takes, bust offs and fish we landed. First thing in the
morning we light tackled for mac tuna and whilst chasing them some big GTs
decided they wanted to eat! It was chaos off the bat and in the very shallow
water the big GTs were unstoblable. All I can say is the place was alive. John
had one GT hit his goby right at the boat, fully blown out of the water it hit
head first into the side of the rail. It was actually scary to think if this
25kg fish landed in the boat what would off happened. We also had a 20kg
Spanish snip our popper off near the boat and as I headed to get the lure a
huge GT decided to eat the Cubera! It was never to be seen again. The channels
where alive with big rainbow runners and tuna which the boys had a ball with.
What a day and again the conditions are looking perfect tomorrow .

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