Fishing Reports - Guides Report 20th of May

Glanny tussles with Bambi!


Waking up to blowy conditions is never pleasant but we made
the best of it and thought I’d head down wind to start…things started a little
slow before my guys found a bit of rhythm and we managed to get a few good fish
to the boat. We stopped at one blue hole and things went un controllable! We
had a pack of about 20 fish fight over a popper until eventually one got hooked
up! We continued to fish the hole and boated 3 others and continuously had fish
coming up on the lures, things got a little shallow and we had to depart the
hole. I found a sexy looking ledge which produced a fish straight away that
cleaned us up in the reef. What happened next was very interesting, we had a
fish charge a lure right next to the boat and hung around long enough for me to
run down stairs and slap a lure on the water in front of its beak and it sucked
the lure down with aggression that would make a lion look like bambi playing in
the forest! So much so that it crushed the rooster popper and left us with half
a lure! We continued to drift as I rigged a lure and the fish came back to the
boat and we could see the hooks hanging out the side of its mouth! We tried to
catch it but he was far too wise by this stage. I drove back about a mile to
the top of the drift and 5 or so casts into the drift bang we had another fish
smash the lure at the boat….funniest thing ever, we could see the hooks hanging
out if its mouth! It was the same fish! It must have somehow followed us, we
tried catching it for about 10mins and it just kept teasing us! Until I tempted
him with some mackerel which he sucked down like nothing else. We hooked the
fish and tussled it all the way to the boat before the hooks pulled out again!
Houdini fish that one! The afternoon was very successful on the Mackerel front
and managed to tame another 2 GTs on the light gear trolling. All in all a
great day considering the conditions, another bonus with this area that you can
fish this part of the reef in outrageous conditions and still catch fish where
most other places would have left you stuck at home reading a book.



After the wind dying of yesterday I thought I might have
been pleasantly surprised in the morning to wake up to glamorous conditions but
unfortunately it was not the case. I had the GT guys on the boat with me today
and we fished every nook and cranny that was accessible to us with the windy
conditions. It obviously wasn’t our day today we only managed to see around 4
or 5 fish for the day but managed to stay connected to 2 of them which isn’t
bad odds. At the end of the day I convinced the boys that light tackle might be
a better option and we caught a few nice reefies and Tuna to finish the day on
a high.


With blustery conditions and white caps in the lagoon today
was going to be a battle, with the big aluminium beast ploughing its way
through the waves we made our way down to a sloppy pressure edge with everyone
keen to fish for GTs we were hopeful that the waves crashing over the stern of
the boat wouldn’t bring us unstuck!!  Fortunately we raised and got bites
from a dozen or more fish with 3 making their way to the boat for some happy
anglers. Our next pass raised more fish but they kept missing the mark before a
nice Red Bass made a short stopover on the deck for a quick picture. After some
running around looking for good water we stopped on a nice reef edge with the
current running along it and straight up hooked a nice fish that made its way
home with a popper for the wall. The rest of the day we chased tuna around
the channels boating some nice Longtail and Mack tuna for a solid days fishing!


Fished a flat today I have had my eye on for a while and it
did not disappoint. It was a long drift and the flat was alive. We hooked
plenty of Trout, Red Throat and Chinaman. There were some bruiser Mauri Wrasse
that destroyed us, pretty much unstoppable on the light rods. After the
shallows we did some trolling and got some Gold Spot and a GT of 26kg. We GT
fished for a while but the fish still had lockjaw. The boys did reef walking in
some blue holes and got one nice GT of 15kg and missed some other monster that
unfortunately pulled the hooks. For a blustery day and staying on one reef in
was quite productive.


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