Fishing Reports - Guides Report 20th of June

Clint is in the land of giants…Africa!


The name of the reef I fished today is called Africa and there
sure where some giants roaming this continent. We hit the flats straight up and
it was insane to see the fishing moving on here. We had packs of GTs shooting
around in the crystal clear water chasing down our lures we managed to stick
the hooks in two fish and had one of 30 plus with its bucket mouth trying to
engulf brads little jelly bean lure. After the geets had moved on we turned our
attention to some other beasts. There were serious packs of large Spangos
moving across the flats like wildebeest do on the plains of Africa. It was
insane fun cast top water lures to these fish watching them try to mow down the
lures. There were Chinaman eating of the top all I can it was the craziest
flats session in this part of the world I have had. To finish the day we got a
32kg GT out of a blue hole! It was a text book situation, full of bludgers
there had to be a big one in there and we got him.


We were out to catch a GT this morning. After fishing a few
reefs the last few days and seeing water constantly changing, new pressure
edges forming, drains running and bait moving. I learnt more about GTs moving
and feeding patterns with rising or falling water. Today we were able to
find GTs on the move during the turn of the tide across the flats which was
awesome. Chinaman in numbers and Spangos chewing their heads off it was awesome
fishing. With such good fishing in the flats we spent most of the day in there
catching heaps of reef species and getting blown away from GTs and other
monster fish. The last hour of the day was spent fishing a tiny isolated reef
that went off with GTs which was a nice way to finish the days fishing and the
boy’s week!!


In The shallows was the name of the game today, after
fishing a couple of edges on our way to the chosen reef, we set up for our
first drift towards the busting up bludgers with about 200 birds diving on
them, the reefies came thick and fast before the bludgers found our stick shads
and all hell started braking loose. First we had the pack attacks of bludgers
then the GTs moved in on the action as we saw some clunker fish easily 30 plus
kg charging down our skipjacks and stickbaits which set the mood in the boat to
extreme! Our next drift had more of the same except the bludgers had moved
on but the bangers where still chasing our lures down with vigour. The rest of
the day seemed a little quiet after that but we still managed to boat plenty of
Red Throat with packs of them attacking 3 or 4 at a time and a few nice Trout
as well as some GTs smashing but not hooking up to our offerings.



Roaming the flats this morning was the ideal way to start
the day, with fish appearing from all corners to show themselves. A mixed bag
of good Trout, Red Throat, Spangled Emperors, Sharkies and even the odd GT
which we failed miserably to stop before getting bricked. After a short stop at
the mothership for lunch we headed off in search for GTs. Searching high and
low there were only a few willing to play the game. Dave was on form today
raising most of the fish with his Sebile Stick Shadd 182 in the mullet colour
what a deadly lure.

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  1. Nick says:

    Hey Neville, It was a 182 Sinking Stick Shad! those things have such a crazy action hey!

  2. Neville from NZ says:

    Hey Nick, Was the Sebile stick shad 182 a sinking or floating one ?

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