Fishing Reports - Guides Report 19th of June

It’s an ink bath on Blue Dory!


We fished our way down to the new anchorage today and the boys wanted to chase GTs hard. Unfortunately
it turned out not to be the best day for hunting them down, as we fished
awesome looking water with bait everywhere for very little result. I convinced
the guys to go light tackle for a bit to see if we could lift the spirit and
raised 2 Maori Wrasse and caught a few other reefies including a clunker Trout.
We also managed to boat 8 giant squid which is on the menu for tonight’s
dinner. It better be tasty because getting the boat back to her old self was
somewhat of a mission!! We ended up boating a nice size GT at the end of the
day and got stuck into the tuna. Great weather for fishing, hope it says the
same for tomorrow.


Conditions turned on today as the wind dropped out and was looking forward to some hopefully some
great fishing. We fished some isolated reefs that I haven’t been to for ages. With
great looking water and bait everywhere the GTs were being stubborn as hell although
we got Spanish, Gold Spots and Shark Mackerel, as a consolation. I turned my
attention to the flats and this was where all the action was. It was awesome
cast after cast we hooked big Spangos up to 5kg and Chinaman the action was so
fast and furious. In the super shallow water it was great fun. Go the flats.


Today we fished around the anchorage for a while before heading to the new one. With the last
bit of the run in we managed to see a few fish and land 2 GTs. After making a
decent run towards the new anchorage we had some success early in the run out
with 3 more GTs finding the boat before a nice Spannish smashed a stickbait. The
afternoon fishing for GTs was a challenge with plenty of bait and some nice
current it was hard to believe we only raised one GT and a couple of Mackerel
for our efforts. Oh well bring on tomorrow!


Today was a hard day at the office, with connected fish few and far between and straightened hooks
and dropped fish really hurting more and more. We are still raising fish
throughout the day but are finding it hard to get them to commit and then stay
connected. We have been extremely lucky with the weather and it looks like it
is going to continue, so we will keep searching to find some fish that want to
play the game. Our afternoon flick with Dave and Brad was rewarded with a nice
20 kilo GT, Gold Spots, Spangled Emperors and Sharkies.

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