Fishing Reports - Marion Reef 19th Aug

Sunday 19th Aug


The wind was up today but there were still fish to be caught, with the new guys onboard they were keen as to catch whatever was chewing. We set out to fish a shoal this morning and it was going off with doggies. We did a troll first thing with surface lures and they got destroyed by dogtooth and Wahoo. We even managed to catch 2 doggies of 15kgs on the one lure, 1 on each hook. It was then that the jigs had to be deployed and my god there were a lot of hungry fish down there. We managed to get 5 or 6 out from the sharks and reef but the others either got taxed or were unstoppable. The day was finished early as the boys were keen to get out of the rain and come back for a cold beer!!



With some blustery conditions today we started on the outside edge early with things picking up where they left off with a huge bustoff from a large doggie, unfortunately the weather beat us and we headed for the relative calm of the lagoon where we landed a few nice tuna varieties and some awesome aerial strikes from flying dogtooth. The afternoon was spent scoping the shallows for signs of the massive GT that live here and jellybean jobfish in the shallows is a sure sign that the monsters won’t be far away.



Headed west today in search of some sailys, with the spread out and anticipation high we were trolling past some very pristine edges and drop offs, with doggies making it to the boat unharmed from sharks all were happy onboard and we were seeing some steady action along the edges. With doggies up to 20 kilos and a nice wahoo around 25 making up our catch for the day wind had ended the day prematurely for us and we headed back to odyssey for an early day.

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