Fishing Reports - Guides Report 18th of May

Light tackle carnage for Peter!


We woke up this morning to yet another windy day yet the air
temperature seemed to be higher than previous days. Maybe this was what was
needed to get the GTs a little more fired up. With that in mind we hit the GTs
up for 2 hours on the run out tide. Fishing blue holes and a couple of drains,
we managed to catch 2 very nice size GTs and saw another 8 which made the short
session very entertaining. The rest of the day was all about light tackle. We
absolutely smashed the Trout, Lippers, Trevally species and heaps of other
reefies not to mention the amount of times we got smoked into the reef!! The
last half hour of the day we went for a troll and picked up a few nice Sharkey
Mackerel and Mack Tuna. Another fantastic day out on the water!!!


The wind just wasn’t going to give up this week! But neither
were we! We headed off in search for some GTs and started flicking into the
blue holes and it wasn’t long before we had our first fish. Definitely a
promising start given the tough weather we’ve had. It was quite entertaining on
the boat today with three of us with the same name which caused some confusion
at times. French Nick managed to raise a really nice fish around the 35 to 40
kilo mark but it seemed to just come and investigate and that was about it. Not
long after Rod’s goby got absolutely smashed next to the side of the boat by a
healthy 25 kilo Spannish. It’s always nice to see these big Spannish swim away
again unhurt. The rest of the day we stayed focused on GTs and managed to still
sight fish but they again were not all very aggressive and we also managed to
pull the hooks on a few. After lunch the tide was low enough to take a walk
into a blue hole and have a few casts resulting in a nice Chinaman being landed
by Rod but the GTs still elusive at this point. Fishing right until sunset and
ending up back at odyssey to find swarms of BIG GTs behind the boat, let the
fun begin!

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