Fishing Reports - Guides Report 18th of June

The beast gets away in the shallows!


Today we must have seen 50% more fish than yesterday but we were so unlucky with the conversion
rate. Fish were being raised at every spot cast after cast but between swipe
and misses and just genuine window shoppers they were tormenting us. Brad
managed to get connected to a decent whaler and it had the stickbait lodged in
his mouth with none of the hooks set in just holding on to it just shows you
how stubborn they are sometimes. Stuart managed to land a decent toad fish on
the flats which took a liking to his upsized gamma, the toady had expensive
taste that for sure! Right at the end of the day Dave had gone tight onto a
solid fish that absolutely screamed off and headed straight for the shallows,
halfway between ankle and knee deep! This fish was sideways trying to get away
and we were as close as we could get before he managed to make it of the
shallows and then down into a gutter never to be seen again. Was amazing to see
the fish turn sideways and doing those high speeds in such shallow water.


I had the same two guests today which was quite refreshing as the guys took their knowledge to the
water again and did really well. We fished for GTs for a while and managed to
get a good run as we boated six and saw plenty more again. We also trolled
and got Spannish, Shark Mackerel and Gold Spot. The biggest GT went 27kg a
solid fish that put up an awesome fight. Smiles all round today.


We woke up to a bit more wind this morning so we didn’t venture too far from the mother ship. We
started of on the hunt for a GT and saw a lot of fish and went tight heaps of
times but couldn’t stay connected. We did manage to catch a monster Passion Fruit
Trout and a Spannish though which was pretty cool. We then went into the
shallows and they were fishing really well. The big fish didn’t make it to the
boat including a 20kg Maori Wrasse, but we did manage to catch some other
species such as Trout, Lippers, Cod, Spanish Flag and Gold Spots. We then went
out and dropped some plastics and got destroyed but managed to boat a few
Spanish and a nice size GT. As the sun began to drop we popped for the last
hour of the day with the run in tide and boated another three GTs and an 8kg
Long Tail Tuna for the day and lost a heap more which was a nice way to finish
up a great days fishing!


After a good night’s sleep we had awoken to a bit of breeze, not ideal for the butter ledge I was
planning on fishing but the guys were keen so off we went. As predicted the
first cast we had a bite and for the next 2 hours we had about 15 or more fish
come up and attack lures with only one managing to stay hooked for a happy
snap. Next set of bommies we fished produced 2 more fish and we were unlucky
not to hook a rather large GT that had come up for a look at Jim’s stickbait. The
day finished with us finding some calm water for an hour of trolling to relax
after the hectic morning we had. A few shark mackerel and mixed allsorts
followed, great way to end the day.


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