Fishing Reports - Guides Report 16th of May

Nick goes ‘double bending’ on some crazy Tuna action!



The journey across the channel wasn’t as bad as we thought
it was going to be which was a good start and left us in high hopes when we
arrived. We were going to try for GTs in the morning then switch and do a
little bit of everything.  The little bit of everything was definitely the
way to go, with Spannish, Sharkies and various other reef species making
appearances. They kept us entertained for pretty much the whole afternoon. The
pushing tide in the afternoon saw prospects of Longtail arriving and sure as
nuts they came and we caught! Double bending! We managed to land a bucket load
of Longtail which was a great day to end off the day.



We moved to a new anchorage today and there was a great vibe
on the boat at the prospect of fishing new ground. I had 2 GT fanatics on the
boat that wanted to pop until they dropped. Unfortunately for some apparent
reason they weren’t on the chew today. We fished some unbelievable water. The
current was good and I felt anticipation that we were going to catch a big fish
all day but to no prevail. We still managed to boat 5 nice size GTs which isn’t
too bad considering the weather. Tomorrow will be a different story though we
are coming out with vengeance!!!


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