Fishing Reports - Guides Report 15th of June

Clint has a blinder in the Blue Holes!


Being the last day the boys were happy to
just go with it and take whatever came their way. It’s funny how things work
out when you don’t really have a plan, that’s always when you seem to have an
absolute cracker! We hit the flats first up and all I can say was they were
going off! The boys where casting super light tackle getting smashed by
all sorts mad reef fish in super shallow water. Trout, Trevally, Chinaman and
Red Throat were chomping at the bit to eat the boy’s lures. Watching these fish
dart out of small bommies in super clear water to eat the lures was awesome and
there was plenty of laughs in-between knot tying! After an extended lunch spent
cruising in a calm bay talking about the great week, the boys headed off on
foot to fish some blue holes. As I watched the first poppers hit the water from
a distance all I could see was huge explosions and the boys where all hooked
up. It was 2 hours later when they came back to the boat and I was frothing to
here their tails of the journey. What came from their mouths was maybe one of
the best blue hole sessions I’ve ever heard. They landed five GTs around
25kg and got a cracker Chinaman of 25pound! That sure was as good as it gets.
The numbers that they saw was crazy! It seemed that every fish on the reef
had fallen into these holes on this fine day. With 10 other hook-ups and swarms
of huge Chinaman, it does not get better that this. All I can say is what a
finish to an incredible week with a great bunch of blokes!



Great conditions on the water today, the sun
was out and the fish were out to play!! We decided to try for a GT first thing
this morning but after seeing the water the plan suddenly changed. We went into
the shallows and all the chaos began. They were going off. Chinaman, Trout,
Bludger Trevally, Gold Spot Trevally, Lippers, GTs and other reef species were
coming over the gunwales one after another. We stayed in there for as long as
we could before we had to get off when the tide began to get to low. After having
lunch with the other boys in a reef lagoon we had a crack for some GTs for an
hour and hooked 2 and missed a few more. We had a fish that ghosted one of
the lures right to the boat that would have been a 40kg fish but he never
looked like eating the lure. 1of the fish that was lost was also a clunker but
unfortunately the sharks destroyed our trophy. The remainder of the day was
spent trying to catch a Spannish but it didn’t seem to happen for us this time.
What an awesome weeks fishing the boys have had this week!!!!


We started off this morning with a quick
session in the shallows fishing for GTs in the blue holes and managed to see a
few but never got the hooks to stick, we managed to get a few bludgers in
between to keep the guys entertained. Things started getting a little shallow
so we snuck out and went to this mad looking pressure edge and never raised a
snap, it was then that we changed the game plan, we had a session on the light
gear which proved pretty slow so the guys opted for the lunch break and a bit
of a snorkel which was awesome. After lunch the guys were mellowed out and just
wanted to have a chilled afternoon so we got some minnows on and went on the
troll we had a really productive little session and managed to catch 6
Spaniards a pile of Sharkies and a few Gold Spots to end the day, an enjoyable
day out on the water.



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