Fishing Reports - Guides Report 14th of May

Peter finds plenty of variety!



We left the boat this morning with variety on our minds.
Straight from the get go we drifted into some awesome flats territory and
smashed the Red Throat and Trout. We then progressed on and jumped onto a sand
cay with the light rods. It was great to stand on solid ground with the wind
being up. We managed to catch a few Lippers and Trout of the beach which was
pretty cool. After lunch the tide was low enough for us to venture into a blue
hole on foot. The GT rods were deployed into the hole that was completely
surrounded by exposed reef. We saw 1 and lost another nice GT to the reefs edge
which was pretty unlucky but the boys didn’t seem to mind, all they seemed to
be focused on was the picturesque surroundings in which we were fishing. After
our little adventure the guys were keen on catching a Spannish so the trolling
rods were deployed. It was literally 5 mins when we had a double hook up on our
hands. Fish one was a Spannish and the other was a Sharkey Mackerel. We kept
trolling and picked up a variety of fish from Gold Spot and Bludger Travalley,
Mack Tuna and another Spanish that went 20kgs. The remainder of the afternoon
was spent on the shallows and it was consistent action catching reefies in
numbers. Long Nose Emperor were some of the quality size fish including some
horse size Gold Spots. What an amazing day, it just goes to show the action doesn’t
stop with the wind. Bring on tomorrow I say yeeeow!!!



The breeze started to freshen up this morning and got stronger
as the day progressed which made some of the open ledges very uncomfortable but
there were still fish present. Again fish were sighted all through the day but
were for some reason not staying connected. The next battle was to not get
busted off which was another hurdle we had to cross with reef and tail scoots
beating us on more than one occasion. Anchoring up in a lagoon for lunch away
from the swell was a great way to relax and sort out all the gear that was worn
torn from the morning session. The run in tide in the arvo saw some slightly
more aggressive fish which was nice to see. Let’s hope the wind eases a little
tomorrow and gives us a break.

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