Fishing Reports - Guides Report 14th of June

Glanny knows where they live!


Today we had a substantially better day even
though the fishing was a little tough, we struggled in the morning to get the
bites. Some of the areas we were fishing looked just perfect!, Sexy looking
blue holes, pressure edges, points, eddies I tried them all and never raised a
snap. I decided to go somewhere out of the current to be a little different and
found a shallow bay. Thought we might have a few casts to see if there was a
fish sulking out the current, and there he was… a cracker of a fish came up and
destroyed a skipjack half way to the boat and smoked away with drag straight
into the reef, we tried a little more and couldn’t raise another snap so we
decided to go give the plastics a go in some deep water in the hope of a red
emperor, we found the right grounds in 45m and managed to get a couple good
sized Chinaman, a giant Estuary Cod, the biggest Bar Cheek Trout I have ever
seen, very unusual for them to be so far out as they both are inshore species.
We also got cleaned up by a couple of good fish, looking forward to getting
some plastics down there again soon. The afternoon was fairly productive and we
knocked over some good GTs and a couple Mackerel on the poppers before we put
the troll lures in and caught another 2 cracker GTs on the light gear and a
variety of other fish. All in all an awesome day out on the water with a couple
of quality fish and some unreal surface takes from GTs, definitely keeps the
blood flowing!!!


Great day out on the water today, the wind
played the game which was nice. We set out on the search for a GT in the
morning and fishing was tougher than previous days. We hooked a few and managed
to boat a couple of nice size fish. We then ventured into the shallows and
attacked the Gold Spots for about an hour. We also got onto some Reefies
although it wasn’t fishing as red hot as usual. The end of the day was spent
walking into a couple of blue holes where we had a pack attack of massive
sharks. Tomorrows another day can’t wait to see what it brings our way!!!


I was a very relaxed day today, the pace of
the fishing was very chilled. We picked up a couple of GTs on the light tackle,
Bludger Trevally were all over the shallows. After an extended lunch that
including a snorkelling session. The flats once again got the better of us
getting smoked by some decent fish. Looking like another fine weather day


Today’s fishing was tough but fortunately we
had a great group of guys who understood what it meant to earn the fish they
caught. By 2pm we had boated 1 shark mackerel and not even seen a GT! With
these tough times we decided to make a long run to have one last ditch effort
to save the days GT effort. We were handsomely rewarded with 2 nice fish and
hooking another 6 that didn’t stay connected, one of the fish actually
straightened the belly swivel on the stickbait before making its way to
freedom. A leisurely troll to finish found some Mack Tuna and Shark
Mackeral willing to play ball, which was a nice way finish the day and
hopefully we can pick up from where we left off tomorrow!


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