Fishing Reports - Guides Report 13th of May

5th cast GT for Peter and Darren!


It was the first day of the charter today and it’s safe to
say myself and the other guys that flew out on the sea plane were dead keen.
The conditions were fair and the tide was good to hunt down a GT first thing.
We departed the mothership around 10:30 and it was only within the first 20
minutes of us being on the water that we found ourselves in the middle of some
GT action. Nicolas’s second cast had a good size fish around 30kg’s all over it
but couldn’t set the hooks. Ross got busted on his third cast and Darren’s 5th
cast managed to land him his first ever GT and biggest fish of his life that
went 25kg’s. The rest of the day was hit and miss they were definitely there
but not committed. We managed to all catch a GT for the day and got stuck into
some awesome flats fishing chasing huge packs of Bludger and Golden Trevally.
Not a bad way to start the week I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week
has install for us all!!!


There is always the crazy anticipation that looms over
everyone on the first morning of each charter that makes you want to get out
and scratch the itch that has been bugging you the whole time you’ve been on
land. The first couple of stops saw fish presenting themselves but not really
committing and merely just having a look. This seemed to be the tone for the
rest of the day with fish being raised and sighted for most of the day but the
fish and reef was the winner at the end of the day. Rod managed to raise most
of the fish today with his goby but was unlucky and Nick managed to land some
respectable specimens. It was nice to see large amounts of bait around the reef
and good current with fish that are there but just not 100% committed.
Hopefully someone flicks the switch tomorrow and they get mad.

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