Fishing Reports - Elusive Reef 13th Aug

Monday 13th Aug


Back out on the water today weather started off fairly pleasant and we ventured out to pursue some GTs to get the guys’ arms all warmed up, we spotted a few fish straight off the bat but the fish seemed to be coming up to the lures with a little lock jaw but the guys persisted throughout the day and we managed to get some good sized GTs before we stopped for a lunch break. After lunch the guys were more keen on something a little more relaxing given that the weather had turned and made life a little more interesting we trolled up a few Spaniards and managed to get attached to a mammoth of a GT that sucked down a Koolie minnow and after a near half an hour the line busted, unfortunate but that’s why you come back. We finished up in the shallows and topped off the day with two redthroats on one stickshad, not a bad day at all considering the conditions.



We set out today on a mission to catch a variety of fish. The first decision was to troll a spot that was known to hold Doggies. It was game time with double hook ups and we somehow managed to lose all the fish besides two, one of which was between 15-20kgs caught on the light gear. We then went into the shallows to try and get Popper Jimbo onto a fish and he managed to pull out a really good size trout on his home made popper!! The remainder of the day was spent on the heavy gear popping for GTs and all the boys managed to catch a nice size fish the biggest went 35kgs and was Michael’s first GT not a bad way to start the innings!! It was an awesome day’s fishing bring on Marion Reef yeeeehaaaa!!!!



Great way to start the week first fish 36kg, two casts later dropped fish, two casts later see ya later popper, the beasts were in play today, nice pressure edge and three more fish between 24 and 30kg the boys’ arms where hurting after just an hour’s fishing. The afternoon session was followed with one of the craziest red throat sessions I have ever seen we must have boated at least 30 red throat this arvo and one lonely trout awesome way to start a trip let’s hope things continue

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