Fishing Reports - Guides Report 13th of June

A day of proper dustings for Clint!


All I can say it was a day of dustings today.
PROPER DUSTINGS! A day that saw lots of big fish lost. To start the day we went
to one of my fondest ledges in search of the blue balloons round two. In
typical Wrasse form once again they caused heartache. We hooked 4 big
ones only to pull the hooks on three and get snapped by another. The one big
Wrasse Duncan hooked I would of given my left nut we were going to land this
beast. As I powered away from the danger zone it looked like it was in the bag
with sandy bottom and 13 meters of water, it was all ours I thought. Then as
they do it, he found the only bommie in the whole area. You can
gather what happened next, it buried its head in the reef in was over yet
again. Not impressed!! We then took a long drive to the new anchorage picking
up some GTs on the way. As the first of the tide flooded in I sneaked onto the
flats. The area was acres of white sand with scattered bommies and every one
seemed to have multiple big fish on them. It was chaos that’s all I can say!
With the light rods the boys where getting dusted by big Chinaman and GTs and
other giants that where lurking. We did manage to get one GT of 23kg which was
a great effort and very exciting to see it buzzing around in 2 foot of water. A
interesting day to say the least with very few fish boated from what we hooked
but clients that where over the moon with the incredible action.



We moved to a new anchorage today and we did
the run straight up, the guys were keen to get some GTs so we went hard on
them, fished in some sexy looking blue holes and battled to get the hooks to
stick. We found this one little bommie which had a good shoal of bait on it and
we managed to get 4 GTs to the boat. We were in full GT mode at this stage and
went searching far and wide, we snuck a few specimens out here and there before
the day came to an end, or did it.…We had a last little session catching
bludgers in the flats on the way home which is always good fun, man those
things go so hard I wish they grew to 50kg….tomorrow is going to be the day got
a mad plan in place! Watch this space life is going to get exciting, it’s
happening tomorrow!


We set out first thing this morning on the
search for a GT. The boat was moving anchorages today so the plan was to fish
for them hard before the run out started to dwindle. We saw a lot of GTs and
there was never a dull moment. We hooked 8 and busted of another 5 but all for
not a fish. We also had a sky rocketing Spannish hit a popper that would have
been around the 30kg mark and the hooks fell out unlucky!! We then did the
short crossing and ventured into the shallows were we got absolutely smoked by
some monster fish. We managed to catch 2 GTs on the light gear though and a lot
of your usual reef fish. Great weather and great days fishing, can’t ask for

Today with the mother ship moving, it was
about hit and run. First stop at the now famous 40kg bommie and we had our
first fish in the boat of 26kg. Great start to the day! Every spot we
went to in the morning had fish on it and we were rewarded with 3 nice GTs
before making the run towards the next anchorage. After a nice lunch in a
secluded lagoon at low tide we headed towards the transformers for a cast and a
troll without any success. To finish the day off I had given the guys a good
run down on what you might expect to happen with regards to blue hole fishing
and as we entered the first one 3 lures went flying towards the ragged
water, we had an instant hook up followed by a bust off in less than 2
seconds just as I explained it could happen. The guys were pumped now and as we
entered the next hole…booom! Right next to the boat! We had a massive
explosion but unfortunately the hooks failed to connect. Just enough to leave a
lasting taste in their mouths for tomorrows fishing!

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