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November 9th-18th 2014 – The Ultimate Cape York Adventure!

If you want the Ultimate Cape York & GBR Adventure, then this is it! This is a special one time per year only trip, fishing the most remote parts of the Eastern Cape York Peninsula. We have the ability to cater for mixed groups of fly and sportfishing anglers on this trip due to the diverse nature of the area we travel through. The areas we fish through receive so little fishing pressure from us or anyone else, and it showed when we did this trip in 2013! We’ll be starting at Princess Charlotte Bay, then travelling up to Claremont Isles, where we’ll spend another couple of days around the islands, reefs and rivers. From here we’ll travel through the Bligh Reef area, either fishing offshore reefs or inshore islands and flats, depending on group preferences, and then we’ll get into the really remote areas. Next Stop will be Shelburne Bay, near the very top of Cape York, where the permit and blue bastards on the flats and the GTs and mackerel around the headlands are something special. Last Stop will be the Escape or Jacky Jacky river system for maybe a day of barra and jack fishing, or maybe chasing permit at the river mouth, or maybe we’ll hit the outer reef on the way north and fish some of the least fished reefs in the world. If you want to experience the ultimate Cape York Adventure, and really get to see Cape York, experiencing the huge range of fishing options, then this is the trip for you.

This trip will offer all the species, all the fishing styles, and all the action you can handle. With 8 full days of fishing mayhem. You can literally name a species of northern saltwater fish, and you’re a chance of catching it on this trip. Dogtooth tuna to permit, GTs, barra, golden trevally, blue bastards, bluefin trevally, triggerfish, coral trout, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, spanish mackerel, maori wrasse, longtail tuna, tarpon and literally every other northern saltwater sportfish you can name will be on the angling menu on one day or another.

The below videos and images of Claremont Isles and Bligh Reef will give you a great idea about the variety of angling options, but it is impossible to describe the variety of scenery and angling options that we’ll encounter on this trip.

Bligh Reef Gallery

Claremont Isles Fly & Sportfishing


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Types of Fishing you’ll most likely be able to do during the week

  • Everything, or anything you want! – This will be a  flyfishing trip to remember!
  • Fish the outer Great Barrier Reef for GTs, dogtooth tuna, coral trout, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, red bass, wrasse, spanish mackerel, and over 30 other species that inhabit the outer reefs. We’ll drift the reef flats, cast teaser poppers at the edges or deep dredge the channels and the opportunities for varied species and fishing styles are endless.
  • The inshore reef and sand flats around the coastal islands provide an incredible variety of options with sight casting the flats for permit, blue bastards and GTs a great thrill. There’s also the huge variety of reef species around these inshore islands, and anything from cobia off the beach through to GTs and golden trevally in the shallows is a likely target.
  • The coastal rivers in the part of the world are usually very shallow, hard to access, and simply off limits for any kind of land access. You simply cannot get into these rivers by any form of land access, it’s large boat or flying that allows access. The barra, mangrove jacks, queenfish and small tarpon are usually prolific, and the fingermark are often huge! Being shallow rivers, you won’t see numbers of massive barra, but sight casting them in the snags is something special.
  • Incredible shallow water flats fishing for permit, coral trout, emperors, red bass, chinaman fish, sweetlip and a huge variety of other species.

Species you should expect to encounter include:


This is truly a trip for the angler who wants maximum variety. The Claremont Islands Species Guide will give a good idea of the types of species you should expect, but there will be so many more options above and beyond this, that it is difficult to list everything. From the anchorages we visit on this trip you’ll be able to head east and access the outer edge of the barrier reef to catch huge GTs, coral trout, dogtooth tuna, spanish mackerel, wahoo, yellowfin tuna and a huge variety of other species.

Around the islands and reef flats that we anchor near you’ll find a series of islands, sand flats and reef flats that are unmatched anywhere else in Australia. We’ve caught everything from GTs to cobia to permit, queenfish, golden trevally and every other tropical saltwater species you can think of walking these flats and sight casting. For those that love walking the flats and sightcasting, this is a true paradise!

And if that’s not enough, head west of the anchorage and you’ll hit the coastline with some of the most remote rivers in Australia, just teeming with fish. These rivers cannot be accessed by land, there’s simply no way to drive there, and a mothership with small shallow draft tenders is the only real way to access these rivers. The barramundi and jack fishing is just wonderful in these clear shallow sandy rivers, and the queenfish at the mouths of the rivers are incredible fun!

Want a trip with the lot? This is it.


The Eastern Cape York extended exploration will use our 80ft Mothership, two guided 18ft centre consoles and two guided 25ft centre consoles. We cater for a maximum of 12 anglers, with all anglers rotating between the boats during the trip.

How This Trip Works


Date Available:
9th-18th November 2014 – only 10 lucky anglers will get to experience this! You’ll be fishing 2 per boat or wading the flats.


Number of Anglers & Tackle:
10 anglers, with 2 anglers fishing per boat, and some flats wading. All conventional rods and reels you require for this trip are provided at no additional cost. Please bring your own fly gear, but we can supply a kit of suitable flies at a small additional cost.


80ft mothership, 2 x 25ft centre consoles and 2 x 18ft centre consoles.


Please contact us and we’ll send our info pack, promotional DVD & full price list


Access & Itinerary:
You’ll start this trip on the 9th November by flying from Cairns to Musgrave Station, a small cattle station near Princess Charlotte Bay, and then travel by 4wd bus about 90 minutes through the bush to the Annie River. From here, we will meet you with the 18ft tenders and transfer you to the mothership waiting at the river mouth. We’ll Depart here for a 40 mile cruise up to the first anchorage and prepare for the first day of fishing on the 10th November.

From here, we have the next 8 days to fish our way along nearly 300 nautical miles of some of the most remote coastline and reef systems in Australia. We’ll do one or two overnight steams along the way to make sure we fish the absolute best and most remote areas. We will Arrive at Horn Island in the Torres Straits early on the 18th November, and you’ll fly back to Cairns from Horn Island, arriving back in Cairns late afternoon.

To book, or for more info, call us on 1800 021 014 in Australia or go to our Contact Page

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      Hi Brad

      This trip is priced at $8950pp for 8 days of fishing, plus transfer fees of $990pp. Please email if you’d like further details about this trip of if you’d like to receive one of our info packs and promotional DVDs

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