Fishing Reports - Elusive Reef 31 Aug

John: Superb weather saw us spread our wings today, chasing GTs was firmly on our minds as we headed to our first reef for the day but a school of bludgers caught our attention and after a solid hour catching bludgers, gold spots and reefies the guys where keen for some GTs. After a lot of casts and plenty of bites we landed our first one for the day before some chaos started – on this one ledge we had bite after bite with the occasional fish coming to the boat before we got well and truly smoked by a really big fish, I had never heard the stella scream like it did under extreme drag but this fish found its home with a final lunge at freedom, exciting day on the water today and the guys well and truly earnt there beers by days end.

Peter:  Awesome conditions out on the water again today. We set out for a GT with the last of the remaining run in tide. First cast saw a fish eat the lure right in the shallows but unfortunately pulling the hooks with too much excitement. It then began to be Spanish chaos with Mackerel leaping everywhere after the poppers and stick baits. We managed to land 2 of them for chef. It was then back into the GTs with the start of the run out and we had constant action up until lunch. No GTs were boated amongst everything although it was very entertaining. After heading back to the boat for lunch we hit the GTs up again with a couple of guys very keen to boat their first GT. Again we saw a lot and went tight heaps but the fight’s not over until the fat lady sings and unfortunately she didn’t sing for us today but it was an awesome day anyway and a heap of by catch were caught amongst it all.

Nick: Calm conditions again saw us in high spirits all round . GTs were on the menu first up but were somehow not playing the game. With hoards of bait and plenty of current they were there as from time to time they would show themselves but only to ghost the lure and then disappear again. We changed tactics around lunchtime to ease into the arvo run and managed to find some ground that was home to schools of feisty red throat and various other reef species. The afternoon session managed to fire up for us with GT and spanish making appearences in the most spectacular fashion, leaping spaniards and agry GTs made for an eventful arvo.

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