Fishing Reports - Elusive Reef 29 Aug

Nick: With a half decent trip back to the hard line we ambled our way into the anchorage and managed to get out fishing at around 10:30 or so. Most of us on the hunt for GTs. We had a really low low tide today so we decided to do some casting into blue holes, first stop saw us hook up almost instantly and in succession bust off just as quick. Paul and Charlie worked hard all afternoon managing to raise some nice fish but battling to coax them into eating the lures. These conditions make it awesome to just be out here no matter what the fishing’s doing.

Peter: We rocked up to the hard line this morning at 10 O’clock to some fantastic weather. With the last bit of the run out tide we decided to chase some GTs on some awesome looking shoals. We picked up 5 and of course lost some good fish in between. Fantastic way to start the GT fishing here on the hard line.

John: Back chasing GTs today and after yesterday the adrenalin was still pumping, we fished some very fishy edges but with the tides being super low the current was playing tricks on us and no fish were to be found, as the tide turned the fish started coming with 3 nice GTs being  landed and a nice Spanish Mackeral about 15kg, the boys getting their casting arms warmed up today did a great job

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