Fishing Reports - Elusive Reef 1st Sep

Nick: Film crew loaded up this morning with Marco onboard we were in search of GTs. First stop first cast Marco let go and almost instantly hooked up before Benny the camera man could get his batteries installed. Looked like today was going to be a good improvement from the last couple of days and so it was. Not long after that Nigel managed to get a Spaniard airbo…

rn after his ulua 120 had been worked through the water like an annoying baitfish dancing defiantly on the surface. As the tide started to turn we managed to find a nice blue hole which was holding some fish with Nigel managing to boat one without getting bricked up. The long ledge not far from us was holding bait and looked super fishy so we put in the hard yards and fished our way down it raising fish every 15 minutes or so with not many of them attaching themselves but eventually boating a healthy specimen for the camera. Through lunch saw us get busted off by a few more fish and then again Bill launched his Dogtooth 100 into a baitschool and with that the monster that all GT anglers dream of came up with another beast on Nigel’s stick bait and climbed all over it no matter how much drag Bill applied to this beast it was not coming up – ever! Although we lost the beast, this found some renewed vigour amongst the guys who kept casting and Nigel again managed to boat another nice GT around 27 kg. What an awesome day on the water today with constant action and a great bunch of guys and not to mention the glassout conditions! These are the days we wish for out here!

Peter: What a way to wake up this morning with a full red moon going down on the horizon and mirror calm conditions. The guys wanted to chase GTs today and all I can say is it was going ballistic. First cast thrown this morning saw a GT and 2 sky rocketing Spanish. It never seemed to stop even on the slack the lagoon and back eddies in the channel were seeing fish. There was a stage in the lagoon where for 2 hours every second cast was seeing a GT and my voice box is being punished for it. We ended up with 7 GTs all between 10-24kgs but that figure doesn’t reflect the amount of action throughout the day. We had everything from dustings to gold spots being eaten from GTs at the side of the boat. A heap of other fish were caught 3 Spanish, a heap of sharkeys, trout, Barracuda and gold spot travelley. It was an awesome way to wrap up the guys’ trip!!!

John: With the weather staying glamorous today we had plans to fish the flats for some travelling fish and the bludgers were straight on the ball but disappeared just as quick as they arrived, next a couple of sharkies came in for a happy snap along with a couple of nice sized trout. The GTs were the next target and one cast later a nice fish found the bogas before another 3 hits missed the mark, the afternoon was casual with a leisurely stroll amongst the blue hole and a few follows before a hunt for some tuna only found a couple of babies.

This is the last report from this block of trips guys, next block starts 14 September

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