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Lagoon Explorer Elusive Frederick reefs Jul 2010

By Glanville, Nomad Pro Guide: profile page >>



Elusive – Frederick Reefs

July to mid August 2010



4 weeks

Coral Sea Lagoon Explorer

Starting out the charter with great weather and an awesome forecast for the next few days…we were sure to be in for some great fishing, our first 10 days of this charter we were lucky enough to have Patrick Sebile as well as Larry Dahlberg and his film crew, filming “The Hunt For Big Fish”, a well known TV show in America , we had an interesting plan ahead of us which proved to be very effective, the plan was to fish our way through the Elusive reef area and then an overnight steam out to Fredericks reef for some unbelievable Wahoo action.

The charter started off with some solid GT action as Elusive reef seems to never let us down and by the second day of fishing at the first anchorage Larry managed to somehow outsmart a beast of a fish of around 55kg which just destroyed one of Patricks poppers, it seemed all the guides were having some pretty decent fishing and the catches throughout the first part of the week consisted of plagues of GTs and the rest of the variety that goes with the Elusive reef area including some quality Spanish Mackerel and Gold Spot Trevally, we were even lucky enough to get stuck into a few Doggies around reefs a little further out in the Elusive reef system which is a first for us out here and indeed very exciting when out of the blue a popper gets intercepted by a decent size doggie which is not the norm.


After some exciting GT action the guys were all pumped to get out to Fredrick Reef and with the next 3 days looking pretty hot on the weather front, we decided to up anchor and head out a day early, the high expectation the all the guides left the guests with had them questioning us on numerous occasions, do you really think the Wahoo will be biting…. a quick glance down at the pile of lures that I had laying on the floor besides me in preparation for battle quickly assured the guys that tomorrow they were in for some bent rods and screaming reel.


Our first day at Frederick we steamed to a sea mount just off the reef and were immediately greeted on our arrival with heaps of birds and Yellowfin tuna busting up all over the joint and it wasn’t a heartbeat and Patricks Sebile Stick Shad 182 was sent into flight, which resulted in an instantaneous bent rod and screaming reel as a nice size Yellowfin tuna stripped off line, nice way to begin the day and welcome to Fredrick reef the blue water, Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna capital of the planet we played around with a couple of shoals of Yellowfin and boated 4 or 5 fish around 10kg before moving onto some Wahoo madness where we tamed a couple of quality fish around the 25kg mark in quick succession, we even successfully caught a couple on the Bonga Jerk 165 trolling at 18knots, I felt sorry for the poor torsa by the end of that…Somehow between the madness we decided to take a much needed lunch break which got interrupted by a couple of Yellowfin splashing around the boat, Patrick couldn’t resist and fired a cast which was immediately intercepted by a large Yellowfin which pulled the hooks at the end of it, we fished around the birds for a little while longer before Larry got stuck into a solid Yellowfin tuna of 40-45kg which was taken on a sinking stick shad. The afternoon session was probably the best bite for the day and we had Wahoo going crazy with triple hook ups on casted lures and sky rocketing Wahoo for the rest of the afternoon. The days to follow were nothing short of amazing and day 2 started off with WAHOOOOOOO MANIA!!!!! That pretty much summed up the day. The fishing at this place is just incredible, we had 30kg+ Wahoo sky rocketing out of a mirror calm ocean attacking stickbaits all day, we had a 35kg Wahoo in hot pursuit of a stickbait jump completely over our boat and land on the other side nearly taking out the camera man in the process, we even had a Marlin up in the mix of things that got fairly interested in one of the magic swimmers but it never took the lure… it’s not often in any sort of fishing that when a massive fish falls off you think oh well that’s alright, cause here you know the very next cast will produce another screaming specimen, once again we managed to get another a few more decent size Yellowfin on stick shads and poppers, it is really hard to try and describe days like these and it is often easier to make an average day sound good than to try and make a fantastic day sound amazing there just simply aren’t any words, one thing I can say for sure that seeing the incredible speed of a 30kg Wahoo launching 5m clear out a glassed out ocean attached to your stickbait only meters from the boat then screaming off so fast that the sound of the reel as you can watch it emptying gets a little distorted, those memories will never get old in my mind…


Well I can tell you more of the same about Frederick reef but a bet by that little summary of 2 consecutive days fishing, you get the picture.


We changed over guests and after a few more unbelievable days of Wahoo mania, we once again fished our way back towards home fishing the reefs around Elusive Reef which once again delighted us with great numbers of GTs and even a few more Doggies, all in all an extremely enjoyable charter which was greatly enjoyed by guides and guest alike, was great fishing with everyone and I will enjoy seeing you guys out here on your return.


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