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Ultimate Explorer Trips Diamond Islets Dec 2010

By Glanville, Nomad Pro Guide: profile page >>



Diamond Islets

Dec 2010



3 weeks

Coral Sea Ultimate Adventure

The end of another amazing charter and with it comes the end of our charter year, the last few weeks out at Diamond Islets has been an adventure to say the least.
The excitement and enthusiasm amongst the guides as we neared the atoll was un explainable as every one of us were sitting on the back deck of Odyssey frantically rigging up some indestructible tackle to do battle with some mammoth Doggies, it was not too long before the temptation was just too much, we were sitting in the wheel house having a chat before Alex noticed the massive shoal of bait on the sounder, in a frantic panic I ran downstairs and began to create a bungee line that we deployed between the tows, it was not long before the 18mm rubber cord was stretched to a scary length and minutes later we had extracted our first hound for the trip, a specimen of around 20kg, which was quickly dispatched and in the fridge for a crew sashimi dish that evening. On arrival we had just enough time to sort the tows before the sun set. We woke up at Diamond the following morning to a calm sea, sunshine and we eagerly awaited the guests arrival so we could go and see what fish were around the area, the phone call we got next was probably one of the worst I have had and due to bad weather the planes were unable to fly leaving us with little option but to drive back to Hamilton island in the mother ship to offer the guests at least a couple days of fishing. On our arrival back at Diamond a few days later we had the boats all set up and ready to rock and roll and after the first afternoon of fishing we noticed a strong current pushing from the NNW, limited to only 2 days of fishing we decided to waste no time and get out to the NW side of the atoll where in similar conditions in previous years we had some great fishing, so after a great dinner which consisted of an entrée of some fresh dogtooth sashimi and some mouth watering lamb racks we all got to bed early for an early start on a big day.

Waking up to another Diamond islets glass off in the blistering heat we headed off to the West Island. On arrival at the skull and cross bone symbol on my GPS one of my favorite marks, the anticipation I was feeling as i sounded over this danger waypoint for the first time in a year was unexplainable and as I arrived closer and the sounder climbed from 70m up to 35m that became the least of my excitement as the next that followed through on the right hand side of my screen was this massive patch of red with big arcs all along the side of it, now that really got me shaking, immediately I noticed that the infestation of bait was being pretty seriously harassed by some big creatures, I turned around to have a look at the troll lures and it was seconds later that I noticed the rod which had the proto type Sebile Koolie Minnow 240 LL fold over a start screaming, I ran to the back and straight away knocked the drag on the Tiagra 30W up to the strike which was pre set at 18kg, the fish failed to slow down so I quickly got the guys to retrieve the lures so I can attempt to pull the fish into deeper water to avoid it from inevitably getting smoked in the reef, as I retrieved the skirt which was meters from the back corner of the boat when a 25kg Doggy crashed the lure on the surface…at this stage we had 2 rods folded into battle and the reel excitement had yet to begin it was what happened next that really got the legs wobbling, excitement!!! I’m, not sure maybe fear!!! As I looked up on the stick bait which by this stage was only 10m from the back of the boat and skipping across the surface, I noticed a fish in the bubble trail and split seconds later the behemoth hound launched out of the water stick bait wedged between its canines as it later entered the water as if a car had dropped out the sky…this is when the entertainment stepped up a notch as Yury one of our Russian guests was shouting stuff that I think even himself would have difficulty understanding as he was smashed into the back corner cage of the Contender, the commentary became a little more intense as the 18kg of drag pressure melted off the reel as if it was in free spool. There was a lot of things happening and very quickly at this stage, unfortunately both of the fish became casualties of war, one smoked us in the reef and the other burnt off, we did manage to land what seemed to be the runt of the pack, a solid fish of around 25kg which had great difficulty in pulling even 1 meter of line from the reel. It really makes you wonder what kinds of creatures were attached to the other 2 rods.
The day, from that moment seemed to intensify some what and we immediately returned to the pinnacle to drop some jigs, it wasn’t long before the boys on Saltaire were in the mix as they trolled past us, the rods seemed to fold over like dominos as I could hear the reels crying and 3 guys locked into battle during the rest of the afternoon with some moments of frantic panic we managed to boat about 15 Doggies up to around 35kg and had numerous others take us to town in the reef and the sharks also got their fair share, the tackle tab at the end of the day between 3 guys explained everything 31 Jigs, 1 minnow and 1 stick bait…
The weather the whole time whilst we were out there was absolutely amazing and every day it was a steaming glass out which eventually got us out of bed a little earlier at 5am and spending the heat of the day relaxing and charging the batteries for the afternoon session after which we returned back to the beach where there was an esky of cold beverages waiting near the water edge as we sat there and unwound the days events floating in the crystal blue waters that is the Coral Sea, couple of the guys who still had minuscule amounts of energy left managed to cast a few lures from the beach as the sun was setting and get stuck into a few decent size Gts along with Red bass and Bluefin trevally.
The light tackle jigging this year was very successful and when the doggies slowed down it was just a short venture off into the lagoon where we had a few marks in 40m of water dropping light jigs of around 100g and ockta jigs seemed to be a deadly option to take a rest and get stuck into a few of the reefies which included Jobfish, Redbass, Coral trout, Coronation trout, Purple cod, Maori Wrasse, Gts, Yellowspot trevally, Bluefin trevally and the odd Black Trevally thrown in the mix, there was a few days in particular where it was nearly every down you would get a bite, on one particular morning Alex along with Gerhard and Sakorn went on a light tackle mission and they ended up having a field day catching close to 50 fish of the above mention species, we caught some of the biggest redbass I have ever seen and the biggest one I had pulled the boga down to 24lb and Alex had one pull it down to 26lb absolute monster fish.
The Bluewater fishing was not too bad in itself and there were a few days where we had heaps of small yellowfin up to 20kg on the poppers, when we had a chance to pull some lures around we had sailfish coming up on a regular basis and we caught a sailfish just about everyday, Saltaire also managed to catch a nice Blue Marlin of about 200-250lbs. There was one particular day where we noticed an object on the horizon and as we approached it noticed it was an old half sunken Indonesian fishing vessel which seemed to have a plague of fish around it, on approaching the boat we found heaps of big rainbow runners which we had great fun catching on some lighter spin gear, we also noticed a few Dolphin fish and after seeing a sailfish jump nearby decided to get some troll gear in, the first lure was barely out before the rod was bent over with a decent sized Wahoo attached a quick few photos and we had the lures back out in pursuit of the jumping sail, it was only moments later and we stumbled into them, we had a pod of Sailfish up and a fish on every lure, after a solid double hook up where we jumped one off and straightened out the other hook before I had a chance to loosen the drag, we immediately set them out in hope for another chance and this time prepared with a belly strip of rainbow runner which I intended to drop back to them. After about 15min of trolling around the spot we failed to get a second attempt so we ventured on back to the half sunken boat and about half way there we had a nice Blue Marlin probably in the 200lb class come charging out of the prop wash and completely destroy the skirt in close but unfortunately that fish too never stuck, so we settled down with a few good size Yellowfin up to 20kg on the troll before we headed back for a lunch break.
The next morning turned out to be a phenomenal day and one of the best I have yet to experience… we started the day off with a bunch of mad keen anglers who had me out of bed at 5:30am we headed straight out to the place we have labeled Danger Point an area where we have been dusted up that many times by unstoppable Dogtooth, we tried some jigging for the first half an hour but no love so we set some lures out for a troll and it wasn’t long before we had a solid wahoo launch out of the water with the stickbait between its scissors, looking straight into the just rising sun I was sure it was a doggie and judging by the length a decent one immediately cranking the drag up and the poor 18kg Wahoo nearly had it face pulled off as it was pt to an immediate halt moments later we a green fish along side, after it calmed down to a mild panic we got a couple quick pics and we set the lures out again…must have been 15 minutes before my guys were shouting, as I turned around I noticed the massive hole in the ocean where out 150g Bobara stick bait once swam, the reel by this stage was screaming…with an enormous amount of drag we seemed to slow the fish down fairly quickly and after a brief but extreme struggle we all waited anxiously alongside to see how big the fish was, we caught a glimpse of silver that looked like a door coming to the surface and it wasn’t long before a 60kg doggie was lying on the deck…it didn’t end there we decided to go and give the sailfish another try and a little bit of prior preparation ensured that today I was ready for them, we set out a hookless teaser and I was lucky enough to net a few garfish off the back of the mother ship the previous night which I stitched up with an eagle claw circle bridled to the beak, we had been going for about an hour and it happened the black shadow of a sail appeared behind the teaser and I quickly got the guys to drop their baits back to the fired up fish, an entertaining aerobatic display and moments later we had the fish by the bill and after some more camera work the fish was set free. The rest of our day continued in a similar fashion with fish being caught on a regular basis, including doggies, Gts and jobfish left right and centre, we managed to raise another 2 sailfish but they were not really too interested in our offerings.
There was another day that stood out in my mind and that was another occasion to the West I called up Alex on the radio in the afternoon and he had found a patch of fish that was taking them to the cleaners they managed to boat about 10 doggies up to 25 kg and got properly cleaned up on both jigging tackle and trolling with the heavier tackle there was one fish he was telling me about that after bumping up the drag it actually went faster and the way it was going would have emptied the spool if it never found the bottom, they dropped jigs on the same spot and again got stuck into a freight train that nearly emptied the stella with drag locked up, he was saying the reel got that hot you could have fried eggs. While Alex and the guys were getting cleaned up just a couple miles down the track we managed to find a jigging spot that was riddled with GTs and in 2 drift managed to get 6 fish all around the 25kg an interesting thing to find.
Amongst all the great fishing and great weather we had there was yet another bonus, it is the time of the year where the turtles go on the beach to lay eggs and every evening we were seeing turtles on nthe beach there was even a night where we were lucky enough to find a couple of baby turtle in the lights at the back of the mothership.
All in all it was an amazing charter and one that I feel privileged to be a part of and in highlighting a few of the events and a few pictures I hope that you guys get an idea of what kind of an experience is to be had, I am looking forward to get out there again next year and hopefully have a little better luck in taming some of the enormous doggies that inhabit the area.
With that said guys I hope that every one has an awesome Christmas and all the best for the new year coming, catch lots of fish and don’t be scared to send us any pics of good catches.


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