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Welcome to my daily chatter session. I’ll be trying to add something here every day i’m in the office to let you know what’s going on in the world of Nomad Sportfishing and Nomad Tackle, and share some of the daily issues, funny stories and general chaos that goes on in the course of operating charters.there will be a daily facebook link here as well.

Had dinner in Sydney on Tuesday night with the Greg Hunt, the opposition Minister for Environment and had a good chance to get some ideas for the future of the commonwealth marine reserves. It was an entertaining dinner with Barnaby Joyce, Joe Hockey and seemingly half the opposition team there. Short story is that the LNP plan to allow limited recreational fishing access to green zones once elected, and jeez that can’t come quick enough for me! There would be a full scientific review of the whole process, and hopefully an overturning of most of the nonsense that Tony Burke has perpetrated against the Australian people!

In the meantime, there is still a dis-allowance motion before parliament to overturn the entire marine reserve process, and the LNP is working to ensure that this is passed, which will make their job of allowing access to green zones even easier!

Under the international convention that governs green zones all over the world, a green zone is classified as an IUCN zone 2, and this international classification allows, and in fact promotes rec fishing, in a managed way, within these IUCN 2 zones. It just happens that the labor party bunny huggers and tree whisperers decided that they needed to exclude rec fishing from these zones to keep their green mates happy and stay in power. The LNP ideas are that they would like to fall in line with the international convention and allow rec fishing under scientifically formulated management plans within these commonwealth reserves. The best news is that it’s easy to do! all they have to do is change the management plan that governs the zones, and hopefully they’ll have such a huge majority after the next election that they can pass what they want.

Anyway, the opposition have some great ideas, as shown by the way that the LNP in NSW have now commenced a review into all marine reserves in state waters, and have allowed fishing to commence immediately from the shore in all green zones in NSW.

can we please have an election soon, so we can get some proper scientific processes under way to really protect these areas, but also allow access to them at the same time. This is possible, it is done all over the rest of the world, but just not here??

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  1. Wayne says:

    Great to hear there is hope for some sensible game management. Qld could be the top eco-fishing (managed sensible rec fishing) destination on the planet if managed sensibly.
    Keep up the great work.

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