Fishing Reports - Claremont Isles 9th Oct 2012

The fluff is out and doing the damage!


What an amazing day. We released about 16 species on fly, between 3 fly anglers, and we fished fly only all day – awesome fun!! Had beautiful weather and explored some of the most amazing  flats and an untouched river systems. Some of the highlights included casting to Permit, and big ones at that(15-20lbs), Golden Trevally on the flats, seeing Bonefish, hooking a couple of 20kg GTs on fly, big Queenfish, big Giant Herring, lots of species of reef fish, a couple of 70cm Barramundi up one of the rivers, Heaps of good sized Mangrove Jacks. Oh, and the GT that ate the fly right at the back of the boat was pretty cool. One of the most enjoyable, but frustrating parts of the day was sight casting to blue bastards of between 8-12kg on the flats. We got one hooked up and got busted off, they are also known as painted sweetlip, and are a big challenge on fly. Crab patterns and shrimps were deployed and the fish were following everything, but not eating.



Awesome day today, the weather and the fishing was fantastic. We fished fly today and the day began of walking a huge sand cay. There were fish cruising the flats every were. Large concentrations of all Trevalley species, Queenies, Lippers, Triggerfish and more seemed to be just cruising the flats edge. It was very exciting visual fishing. After lunch we gave the conventional fishing a crack for a bit and had some mad GT, Trout and Spanish action.  With the day coming to a close we walked onto the island were the mothership was anchored and the day got even better. With some really good size Queenfish and GTs being caught 1 of which would of gone 15kgs. Not to mention having 3 separate schools of Permit circling in the shallows. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a Permit to eat but tomorrow is another day cant wait!!!!


Unbelievable day…The weather today was PERFECT, crystal clear water and no wind, all we needed was the fish and today they were everywhere. Casting flies in the shallows we had packs of Emperor, Spanish Flags, GTs, Queenfish, Trout, cod and Wrasse. Once we jumped on the sand cay the fishing just got crazy, Triple bending was common and I was casting a popper at GTs cruising and had 30kg fish smashing the popper. The guys caught heaps of smaller GTs and Gold Spot plus some really nice Emperor. Later in the arvo we had schools of Blue Bastards swimming under the boat and after leaving them we found more Queenies and GTs over the shallows on high tide. Awesome day and tomorrow should be the same…Oh Yeah.




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