Fishing Reports - Claremont Isles 12th Oct 2012

Big GTs on fly in the shallows!


Great place we arrived at today, the back drop was amazing and with a bit of wind on the way the mountains also offered great protection. The two guys I had threw the fly rod today and 1stup in the shallows a GT at 15kg smashed the fly after we saw about 20 of them coming straight for us. Straight into the backing and very close to making it to the edge, we hooked the fish in 2ft of water, great effort to land such a top fish on a 9wt. A few other fish included more GT and a variety of reef species. Very nice place!


We headed to the outer reef today, to a huge reef flats and sand cay that we’ve never fished before. It was the most scenic, spectacular and beautiful sand cay I’ve ever seen, and the guys were catching fish nearly all day walking around the cay. It wasn’t frantic action with the fly rods, just a steady stream of fish swimming past to cast at. While these guys were on the beach, I headed out to the reef edge for a GT session with the camera crew we have onboard. The GTs were hungry, and we landed a bunch of 20kg GTs, and lots of coral trout ranging from 6-10kg, along with too many red bass to mention. We then headed back to the sand cay for lunch before getting back into the action after lunch on the edges of the reef. We tried for a doggie on the way home, but no joy. The ride home in serious wind was quite interesting, but the anchorage at the Flinders Island group is excellent.


We got into the bay this morning and it looked amazing. Mountains and awesome rock formations as a backdrop as we were fly fishing in fully protected bays in some gusty wind.  We saw 6 GTs in between 15-25kgs and had 1 eat the fly but missed the hook up. We caught a range of fish from a small Spannish, Queen Fish, Small GTs, Trout and even a Tusk fish. Good day considering the tough conditions. The fishing seems to just be a bonus when you are driving through such a beautiful place of the world!!



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