Fishing Reports - Cairns-Bligh Adventure 21st Sept 2012

Day 6 of our Adventure trip, travelling from Cairns to Bligh Reef, and fishing some of the most remote and untouched parts of the outer Great Barrier Reef and Cape York. No sign of things slowing down – it just gets better every day!!!!


MR2_2348 A Coral Trout of around 30lbs, to give you an idea how big Glanville’s 38lb trout really is!


Another beauty of a day the weather was a little breezy in the morning but nothing too serious, we headed off to the spot where we had been demolished the previous day to see if we could extract a wrasse and 2 lures later we decided to move along!!! The next spot we stopped at there was some solid creature including a coral trout that went 38lb on the bogas a proper beast, the rest of the day consisted of non stop fish catching as we fished our way along the reef to the new anchorage, we found another spot where both Kasey and Scotty hooked 2 solid wrasse which once again did as they do best and cleaned us up in the reef. The end of the day we spent drifting along the flats and sight casted 2 solid Gts around 28kg and had a mixed bag of alsorts coming up to eat the poppers, another great day in paradise and with the weather calming down to a very pleasant afternoon its looking like tomorrow is going to have some mind blowing action as we fish our way to the next and last anchorage for the trip.


It was all flats fishing today and with around 60fish by 2pm. GTs , Trout , Red Bass the list goes on. Lost lures, empty tackle boxes and plenty of knot tying not much else need to be said it was a crazy days fishing.


The guys onboard today only had GT on the brain so with this in mind we headed straight to a nice edge copping major run in current, there where fusiliers boiling the sounder looked like it was on simulator and yet no snaps, bugger !! this changed the plan of attack for the day as we headed to the shallows and the fish where there in numbers good schools of GTs, Red Bass, Cod, various Emperor species and some monster trout with our best capture being a solid 12kg specimen excellent work in the shallows


A bit windy today but not to worry because the flats offered good protection and awesome fishing, im not going to write to much today because im so tired but the shallows today were EPIC… big Wrasse at 20kg +, GTs, Red Bass ..CRAZY EVERY WHERE.., Job Fish, Monster Trout all 8kg and bigger, Yellow Lip Emperor, Spangled Emperor, Bluefin Trevally going mad and big Cod smashing poppers. It was pretty funny that we would drift over an area and catch nothing for a few min and then all hell would break loose…triple bending..oh yeah! Cheers Guys





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  1. Scott says:

    Looking forward to ribbon reef trip can’t wait…..

  2. Neville from NZ says:

    Fantastic reports guys,it’s got to be looking good for the Ribbon Reef trip mid November, see you them,take care, Nev.

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