Fishing Reports - Bugatti 25-05-2013

Alex- Thankfully the weather man was wrong today, the 25knots did not come. So fishing conditions were nice all day. We made the most of the calmer weather and chased some GTs early. It took quite a few follows, pack attacks and takes before we started converting the fish but at the end of the day those crazy surface takes are what we love to see.  Then it was time for a change of pace and we got stuck into the flats fishing on the light gear, double hook-ups on Bludgers and Goldspots and various reefies were the norm. We had one little Mack Tuna get nailed by a crocodile sized Cuda and then a huge Chinaman tried to eat the head, it was exciting stuff. The light action continued with a few bust offs and one nice GT making a short lived appearance. Then the arms were tired and we went for a leisurely troll then harassed some big schools of Tuna. All in all a good day on the reef.


Theo- Today started off great we went into some blue holes with a fish coming up and dominating our popper on the first cast. After that we went and fished some shallow bays which produced 3 GTs also in the mix were some big bar cheek coral trout. As we were getting out of the blue hole we saw a massive school of longtail tuna, there were so many that we spent the rest of the day catching them with 25 plus landed


Mitch- We started off the day with a decent drive to a likely looking area. On arrival it all looked good and it wasn’t long til our first GT was landed with a few more follows and some big gold spot coming out to play. We decided to have a bit of a move along with a change of tactics – the jigs were on the agenda. With a quick sound around at the new area we found some nice bottom and the jigs were deployed. Instantly we had a few hits and some dropped fish but it wasn’t long til they started coming aboard. Our first fish was a  reasonable trigger followed by a flurry of big gold spot trevally with sore arms and a couple of lost jigs we decided to stop for a bit of lunch. After a relaxing lunch and a few drinks the tuna were on. With every cast resulting in hook up after hook up it got to the point we just took the hooks off and watched the strikes with a lot of fun had we decided that we would head back for some afternoon tea and drinks.

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