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Bligh Reef Trip report Oct 2012 Father & Son trip

By Nick, Nomad Pro Guide & Trip Manager: profile page >>



Bligh Reef

Oct 2012



1 week

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There is just something about Bligh reef that gets you excited before you even get there? Partially the journey that most anglers take just to get out there is the first part and secondly the variety of fish that one can expect to encounter is extraordinary….from barra and jacks in the creeks to GT’s and Sailfish on the reef. There are not many places you can go to and experience, firstly, the different styles of fishing and secondly the number of species across each style.

This particular week was a father & son trip which was a great way for fathers to bring their sons out and experience these pristine and remote places of the Great Barrier Reef. The weather forecast showed that we were going to have a couple days of really good weather and then the wind was going to freshen somewhat. We took to the outside ledges while the weather was good and focused mainly on casting bigger sized popper and stickbaits for the first day. After the first days fishing the GT’s were pretty scarce and forced us to have a change of plan.

It seemed that dropping plastics and Octo jigs was proving to be very productive with really good catches of big coral trout and lots of them! One of the days i had Dermot, Ian & Rob onboard and on one particular drift we had landed 5 Coral Trout with the smallest one being around 8 kilos and the biggest around 12 kilos! This is not your everyday fishing trip i can assure you that. These quality specimens are absolute cracker fish and definitely deserve a spot on the wall in the bar at home – in a picture frame that is! Amongst all the numerous gigantic trout were heaps of other quality trophy fish such as Maori wrasse up to 25 kilos, long nose emperor up to 8 kilos, GT’s , monstrous cod and the list goes on! Every drift, every hook up is just as exciting as the next, you just never know what your next species is going to be.

Chasing GT’s one of the days with Brandon, Dominique (aka pappadum) , and Dermot. We were fishing hard the whole morning with not much result, casting at the open edges and seeing the odd GT come up to have look but not fully committed. With packs of red bass and trout moving through we had yet to find the big one. Ahead of us there was a deep channel that runs between the two reefs as we got closer there was just absolute pandemonium going down. There would have been hundreds of sauri’s hurtling towards the reef flats in a desperate state of mind to get away from whatever beast was attempting to eat them. We couldn’t waste any time and headed off into the channel and had to throw whatever lures we had which was our GT stuff.

I was hoping we were about to get demolished by monstrous doggies but all of a sudden on Brandon’s first cast, pop…pop…pop….bang he had managed to connect himself to a lit up sailfish! What an amazing thing to see from the tower of the contender, although I now know that I must have sounded like a blabbering idiot at the time things moved really quickly from here on. Although Brandon managed to turn the saily over relatively quickly and without much fuss, it was just awesome the way the whole scene went down and one that I will never forget!

These are the types of unforgettable memories you can get from a place like Bligh reef, so much happens here each day and just to be a part of it is something special. The fishing is almost a added bonus after experiencing the remote beauty of this place.


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