Fishing Reports - Bligh Reef 6th Oct 2012

Surprise Sailfish and Spaniards!


Headed out today with Brandon, Dom and Dermot with intentions to tame the beast whether it was a GT, Doggie, or any other large specimen willing to take one of our surface lures (excluding all whalers of course). With some hard work ahead of us we had two long outside ledges to work on an easy drift with big rolling swell up behind us.

Throwing poppers onto the reef from the deep edges can be quite intense at time with big swells rolling in and forming some insane waves as they rise above the reef and elevate you so you have a view of everything underneath you. As the poppers are working their way back through the surf you can see almost every fish approaching which makes for some incredible fishing. Seeing some good red bass, solid Trout and GTs along the ledge was pretty consistent but unfortunately we were struggling to stay attached to most of them and then the ones we did we unfortunately had a few technical issues. When we were approaching the last leg of our drift about 50 meters in front of us in the middle of the channel there was absolute pandemonium happening in the channel with hundreds of Sauris fleeing across the surface making a break for the shallows at a blistering speed, it was an awesome sight to see! There was definitely something after them, so we motored on into the channel and started casting randomly where the chaos began and as Brandons popper got closer to the boat it was inhaled by a lit up Sailfish who wasn’t sure what he had just got himself into! Shaking his head and with me screaming like an absolute lunatic Brandon continued and made light work of the fish which we brought onboard for a picture with a nice 35 kilo Saily on a popper! Trying to calm down after all this was quite an effort I must say so the best thing for us to do was to go and throw some light tackle around after lunch, this proved to be quite productive and we managed to tame a variety of species including GTs, Trout, Red Bass, Cod and the ever entertaining Long Tom. Finishing off the day in the shallows proved to be a good way to end a very memorable day!

Today I had the 88 year old in the Contender and he wanted to try and catch a Spannish…so with this in mind we headed to have a troll and with a good 3m swell running it was only going to be out the channel round the reef and back in another channel. In and out we went, up and down and then bang a big Job Fish in 40m smashed the lure, after a few photos and releasing him we continued and the next fish was a Trout about 4kg and then another Trout at 10kg. Unreal! Back on the outside for a few seconds and we had our Spannish, Bruno the champ was chuffed and wanted to enjoy the fruits of his labour in the form of Fried Spannish! Yum O! The day finished off with some huge Barracuda and some missed opportunities at a few nice Doggies. All in all a great day for us and well done to Bruno just for getting out there and having a go.

Today I headed out with Greg, Jeremy and Shaun and the guys were keen to go and get into a few Trout so we decided to drop some plastics on some small patches of reef just behind the mother ship. It was Jeremy’s morning seeing him out fish his dad and Shaun with some big Trout and a few Macs leaving the other fellas with a couple of smaller specimens. We headed back to the big boat for an early lunch to avoid an incoming squall and to drop Jeremy off as he had a snorkelling trip organised with the hostess after lunch. We decided to go up in the shallows after lunch and Greg was keen to get a Maori Wrasse and first cast boooom he got it awesome!! We drifted the flats and the shallow reef in the lagoon for the rest of the arvo with big numbers of reefies like Trout, Longnose Emperor, Red Throat, Green Jobfish and Flowery Cod as well as 2 more Maori Wrasse, with Shaun’s being the biggest for the day. As his wrasse came it had a shark hot on its tail and it just got a little nip before I quickly scooped it into the boat, luckily only knocking off a few scales before we slid him back into the water happy as larry. Last drift of the day Greg pulled up a Tout and hot on its tail was a bigger Tout trying to eat it!!! Very enjoyable day had by all.

Today was definitely about quality not quantity, with the first doggie hooked making a screaming run but becoming shark poo we decided to drop some plastics behind the reef, a very steady stream of quality reef fish made there way to the boat including a tasty Red Emperor, Purple Cod, large Trout and Long Nose Emperor, a quick cast in the shallows produced the customary Wrasse and a nice pack attack of GTs to finish the day off in style!

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